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Product Review: Giro Code VR70 MTB SPD Shoes 2017

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Code VR70 is the race ready trail shoe that can cope with the most rugged terrain and conditions. A quality, breathable upper provides durability, whilst the Easton EC70 carbon sole provides the stiffness needed for maximum power transfer. For superior traction, the outsole features Vibram® rubber.

Using the latest in fabric technology, Giro has given us Evofiber™. Surplus seams are eliminated to give you a shoe that’s exceptionally comfortable, extremely durable and lightweight. Evofiber™ repels water and offers increased breathability to keep your feet in top condition.

The Easton EC70 carbon composite outsole nylon and rubber sole provides impressive stiffness, for efficient power transfer. High traction Vibram® lugs provide additional grip when you’re off the bike. When conditions become particularly demanding, toe spikes can be added.

The insole is equally as impressive. Giro’s SuperNatural Fit System allows you to fully adjust the arch for the right amount of support for you. No moulding in ovens, simply tear off the arch and replace with the one that suits you. Aegis Microbe Shield is an anti-microbial barrier that is permanently bonded to the fabric. It uses the power of a tiny positive electrical charge to inhibit the presence of microbes that can cause odour, discolouring or fading, so your shoes stay fresh for longer.


  • Race ready trail shoe, designed for performance without sacrificing durability
  • Easton EC70 carbon sole provides exceptional stiffness to maximise power transfer
  • Vibram® rubber sole provides traction
  • Replaceable ratchet buckle closure system allows precise adjustment, for the perfect fit
  • Can be used with toe spikes
  • Weight: 670g (pair, size 42.5)

Giro Code Vr70 Shoes Review:

1. How is Giro Unique?

My opinion is that Giro has done superbly in creating a shoe that is not only aesthetically pleasing. It’s also effective and durable. I think the shoe has a much more futuristic look to it compared to other shoes in the same price. Also, the shock absorbance of the shoes allows it to last for longer.

The shoe is made up of jacquard nylon (improved compared to previous versions) and a soft EVA gusset. It comes in several colours; black, green, blue, red, white, grey and orange.

2. Do you find the shoe to be comfortable?

The shoe is extremely comfortable. It feels light, yet durable, and I seriously doubt that I will experience any type of discomfort or soreness. It’s not the most responsive shoe, in my opinion, because of its hard sole. But in short, it’s very comfortable and has a foam insole which translates to the back of the shoe.

3. Does it provide a good grip?

It does. It definitely has a nice grip on the pavement, especially on rough surfaces. However, if you’re on very rough surfaces, the grip may decrease a bit. In fact, I felt it wasn’t as strong as I expected, and I need a firm grip to help me to drive through tricky surfaces.

The top of the shoe is reinforced with an EVA stabilizer, as well as with a gusset just below the eyelets. It feels as if the shoe can support the weight of up to 250 grams (one person, one pair), and allow you to get a nice power transfer through your cleats.

4. Are the soles durable?

Yes. I have used the shoe for 15-25 miles (kilometres) on a hard trail, and I have no complaints. I have a pair of old shoes, and I felt the shoes were durable. Although I feel it’s not a shoes for longer treks, it is a nice shoes to take to the trail.

5. How is the shoe made?

The shoe is made in the USA by Giro. It consists of jacquard material, which is thermo-fused, and an EVA comfort layer.

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6. Does it feel like a mountain shoe?

Yes. I’ve worn it

It feels as if it can handle any type of terrain, with a large tread pattern, suitable for agile riders. I have used it for over a month (a year) off-road, and it still feels as if I have not had a bad experience from it so far.

7. Are the shoes durable?

Yes. In my experience, the shoes are rugged and durable. I have used the shoes for about a year now, and I have not had any complaints.

8. How would you describe the shoe?

The shoes are a versatile trail shoe. They can be used on the trail, but can also be used in the trail. They definitely gives a better emphasis on the trail for me. It can be used for fast and furious riding and in the lower Gaitweaver speed zone. Although it does not do well for the SL trail. Because it does not have a specially designed liner design, provides a less degree of response compared to the SL trail, and it is intermediates/beginners-friendly. Overall, it is a versatile trail shoe.

9. Can it handle tough terrain?

Yes. I have used it on two trail ride’s, and I’ve been able to ride it on a tough rocky road and muddy grass, and there was no damage to my shoes after getting stuck hard.

It can also be used on a trail ride. Although it does not have a specially designed liner design, the shoe still gives a better response compared to a non-Vibrams trail shoe.

10. What is the definition of Giro?

Giro is a company that has been around since 1962. Its main goal is to design shoes for all types of terrain. Giro has been well known in the mountain community for their trail-road shoes and other shoes. I’ve personally seen Giro used on some of my short trail rides and have even used it for longer rides as well.

11. What are the advantages of the shoes?

The shoes are very stable. They could be used for long rides, if you don’t want to lose balance or balance from one ride to another. It has a good shock absorption, so it would absorb a few hits. It has a wider fit, and the number 5 fits snugly over the toes.

It has a very nice fit, but I would only recommend a size 6/8.

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Written by Mark Adams

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