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Product Review: Giro Atmos II Helmet 2016

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Legendary performance, style and comfort. The Atmos™II utilizes our Thermoformed SL R oll Cage reinforcement, a breakthrough in helmet architecture that allows greater ventilation without compromising a helmet’s integrity.

The compact shape offers matchless style, and features the sure feel of a Roc Loc ® 5 system that cradles your head comfortably and securely. It’s no wonder this helmet continues to be a favorite with road, XC and cyclocross riders worldwide.


  • Featherweight webbing with Slimline buckle
  • Roll Cage™ Internal Reinforcement
  • In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell with EPS Liner
  • Thermoformed SL Reinforcement
  • Roc Loc® 5
  • 26 Wind Tunnel Vents with Internal Channeling
  • Weight: 270g (CE Medium)

Giro Atmos Ii Helmet Review:

Atmos Ii and II are such a fine balance of quality, fit and performance.

The Atmos Helmet is An entry level helmet. Nothing too fancy, it has some features that make it worth wearing.

We really like the interior head space of the Atmos. You can make the helmet fit your head quite well, and your face will feel cool in the summer sun. With the added vents in the chinbar and vents in the back the helmet can be cosy in the summer sun and feel great on your head in the winter conditions.

The strap adjustment harness is top notch, and fits perfectly. It offers adjustable shoulder straps that does not ride up your back and give you a very secure fit. Also this has such good adjustment holes, you do not even feel that you are wearing the helmet.

The shell is polycarbonate and has a nice feel to it. It is light and comfortable to wear even in wet conditions.

The only let down for us is the price.


  • Good quality
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Material feels good
  • The ventilation and its retention mechanism are excellent


  • It’s not cheap
  • Not so well ventilated helmets
  • The Ventilation and the Cradling of the head is excellent.

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The interior shape all around of the Atmos is super compact. It fits perfectly around your head and when you are sitting and you feel the snugness of the exterior shell and strap around your head, it does that well. In the winter times the Atmos does not feel as snug as when you are riding against gravity. Then the shell feels a bit of everything and you will get a great balance of comfort and head space.

The fit is excellent without any gaps or anything like that with the Atmos.

The difference between the Ii and the Iii is the shell materials. The Ii is made of polycarbonate and has the same shell materials and a similar fit as the Iii.

The Atmos helmet is now available in both bright black and dark green colours and they are both treated with the same shell material. You can have the dark green or the bright black version.

The colour is a play on the colours of the helmet liner and the shell material. They look quite nice together.

The Atmos is available in Tri-Grey, Steel Gray and Deep Brown colours, and like all Giro helmets it has black complete with the logo and a decent rear ventilation icon.

The general size of the helmet is medium and the shell is medium, which does not mean that you will be tempted to take this helmet to the park or ride your race with.

The ventilation system is very good. The helmet has a chrome plated visor that is a good size and has a decent area of coverage. Also the visor has a nice feel to it and does the job you expect.

The vents are 3 main ones and that is not something you see in a lot of helmets. The vents that are offered on a lot of helmets are very much limited in their design and in number of vents.

The main vents are located in the front. There are also removable vents in the back of the helmet.

The side of the Atmos is a bit tricky, one of the vents is on the side of the top of the helmet and you have to reach a bit and then bend over to the left to get to the other side of the helmet and the other side has the ventilation accesses. The other vents towards the back are on the cheek side of the helmet, so you need to reach to the front of the helmet to get to the side vents.

The helmet is supplied with a plastic catcher that you can use with a soft pad to keep the helmet in place and sloping over. It will not go back to its original shape.

The head to helmet seal is a good seal, not something that we’ve ever seen before. It is a professional type of one.

The visor seal is good and matches, very good.

The adjustable c-hook and three point ratcheting system is on the inside of the helmet and also a good quality ratcheting system. It does feels a little clunky.

The helmet is a good quality helmet, the hard shell feels good and has the same technical feel to it as the Atmos.

The eye port in the top of the helmet is slightly smaller than in other helmets and you cannot get quite as far away as you can.

The head vent is on the front chinbar and on the crown just above the detached visor.

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Written by Mark Adams

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