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Product Review: FSA K-Force Seatpost

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The K-Force Light uses one-piece continuous carbon fibre construction with FSA’s Minimal Top Clamp (MTC) design. For strength and a low weight, M5 chromoly and stainless steel hardware is used in the seat clamp.

Minimal Top Clamp (MTC):

FSA’s Minimal Top Clamp (MTC) Head reduces the weight up to 30 grams over other FSA seatpost models. The forged alloy clamp provides appropriate support for the rails and adjusts easily and simply, all with the minimum amount of material.


  • Forged alloy Minimal Top Clamp (MTC)
  • One piece continuous carbon fibre construction
  • M5 chromoly and stainless steel hardware Design
  • Fits 7mm standard rails
  • Version: Di2
  • Length: 350mm
  • Diameter: Ø27.2 or Ø31.6mm
  • Setback: 25mm or 32mm

Fsa K Force Seatpost Review:

If you are on a budget, this seatpost will satisfy your needs. This seatpost is more durable than competitors and has a built-in quick release clamp, it also has a slim profile and is perfect for the road bike. It’s finally a seatpost that isn’t too light or heavy.

FSA K-Force is a comfortable, light and stable seatpost in the market today. The FSA K-Force Seatpost is not only a great buy, but also a very affordable review on the way.

FSA K-Force seatpost has a great design and holds the axle, so the bike will stay steady on rough roads or through a pothole.

It is very well built, sturdy and customizable and the carbon fiber construction is very strong and does not show any signs of flex. The finish of this great seatpost is BSA’s Triple Chromoly design, which provides maximum strength and ensures long term durability of the seatpost.

Despite the price, the FSA K-Force Seatpost is a very sturdy seatpost which provides a perfect tightness and tightens the seat post to provide a high level of support. The seatpost also has a natural stretch and cannot overload the bike. You get to have a very comfortable fit when riding with this seatpost.

The only bad thing about this might be that it is a little bit pricey but it is a very durable and well built seatpost which has a lot of other features such as the fact that it has a quick release clamp and is designed to be very durable. So, if you are looking to buy a seatpost that looks good, also has a build quality that can be trusted, while being very affordable, FSA KForce is one of those seats which can make your bike much more comfortable and also protects your gears.

All in all, this might be the only seatpost that can be a suitable investment in your upgrade. And if you are not worried about the price of the seatpost, this seatpost can be your best option.

Final Recommendation: While this seatpost is great and is the best budget seatpost there is, it must be taken into account that FSA Kforce is a little bit pricey, but all in all for its quality and features, that it is definitely worth the money.

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Best Seat covers:

A good bicycle seat cover can make a huge difference to the rider’s comfort and also provide the rider with a great experience.

There are many different types of seat covers for your bicycle but these do not apply to every bicycle.

You should consider the bicycle seat cover that fits best on your bicycle to ensure that the end result is an ideal fit.

However, here are some of the factors that you should be looking out for in a good seat cover for your bike:

How Comfortable It Feels?

Comfortable means that when the rider sits in the saddle it feels a perfect fit. There are many different styles of seat covers on the market but if you are male, you will most probably want a men’s seat cover.

The materials used in the making and the thickness of the material used to create the seat cover should be taken into account. A thicker material can range from 2 to 3 millimeters in thickness, compared to any other material, but it is still lighter and less bulky than other types of material.

Some comfortable seat covers are the first to come in on the market.

They are called semi-comfort because their design is very comfortable but because its the first to be made into the market, you will only get to have a rump around the seat of the seat covers. This is actually a good thing because most of them will be very light and easy to put on.

By using this design, you can easily fit and take off seat cover. It is also possible to wear a good-quality fair-trade cotton seat cover while using an ordinary seat cover.

The size of the seat cover should be taken into account. The seat cover should not be too small that you can not fit your own leg through the seat, as well as the leg of the rider while you are riding. Some seat covers are half or quarter sizes more than a person’s leg or arm span.

It should also be made of the most comfortable material. You do not want to get a seat cover that is uncomfortable and if it is uncomfortable, it is not entirely appropriate to cycle on a bicycle.

You should also make sure that the material does not have a bad odor. This is a bad thing if the seat cover has a bad odor.

Even if a seat cover does not have an odor, it does not mean that it is fantastic. Maybe it might smell a little bit, but it is still not perfect.

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