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Product Review: FSA Vero Pro Compact N10-11 Chainset

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True value and performance are found in the Vero series of components. The cranks and handlebars are built to serve the recreational rider well and enhance their riding enjoyment.


  • Material: Cold forged AL6061/T6 crank arms, AL7075 stamped and CNC machined chainrings, Chromoly chainring bolts
  • BB interface: JIS
  • Finish: Anodized black and Laser graphics
  • BCD: 120mm
  • Weight: 688 grams

FSA Vero Pro Compact N10-11 Chainset Review:

The crankset incorporates a 59T 29 mm spindle internal diameter crank for a very stiff but lighter feel. The crank arms are significantly longer for an extra inch of turn. The center bottom bracket is CNC machined and has been coated with Titanium for exceptional durability. A cassette is not included, however, is available from FSA, as well as a wide variety of cassettes for use with the crankset. The combination of a rear cog and freewheel offer versatility and can be used by the enduro/racing rider.

Another key feature of the FSA crankset is the use of a 24/27/32t combination. This external section ratio offers a nice range of performance options. The crank and crank arms are installed after the bottom bracket shell is machined. A derailleur or a cassette is bolted in place while the bottom bracket is pre-drilled and measured for the gears. The whole assembly is then threaded and hand-machined in the desired series.

One of the most important features of the FSA Vero line of components is the use of a “freehub”. A freehub features a sealed carrier which moves smoothly and efficiently. The sealed carrier allows for easy maintenance and avoids the risk of dirt or corrosion. This product also incorporates a freehub flange and dedicated adjuster tool.

As you can see, the FSA Vero Pro Crankset is a good value. The price is slightly higher than the SS build. However, for a touring rider, the extra weight of the Vero was not a serious concern. And in the end, the facts are clear: the Vero PRO crankset offers comparable performance and more bang for your buck than the Vero bike, as originally intended.

Who is in the market for a brand new spinning crankset? This is a great time to experiment with a crank set. I am biased toward the FSA line, which is why I am included in this review. However, if you are looking for an FSA crank, there is nothing wrong with the wider-range offerings from Zinger, Manish, Rossignol, or even any of the Reynolds platforms.

Fsa Vero Crankset Review:

Fsa Vero Crankset, as it may have been known previously, is currently the most popular crank in the bicycle market. A middleweight or cruiser frame requires a completely different crankset than a full-suspension/enduro frame. We do not advocate dropping the cost of cranksets if the features provided are not quite up to par, but we will not turn away a low cost item from the market.

In the area of features, the Fsa Vero Crankset has all the entry-level features a new rider or enduro rider will need, including a durable CNC threaded bottom bracket shell. Overall, this is a very lightweight crank for a rider in a full-suspension frame.

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As you can see in the specs of the crankset, it includes a 27.2mm conical spindle. The user can choose between 28, 30, or 32 teeth. This provides a wide range of options for various riders. The crank also includes a CNC-machined bolt circle. The bolt circle is bent in the shape of a 120mm downtube with cutouts for the fixed front and rear cranks.


  • Headset: Integrated seat tube
  • Final Drive: Straight belt
  • Size: 57 x 56
  • Crank Spacings: 23.2mm
  • Fork Spacings: 24
  • Chin: 26
  • Weight: 459 grams
  • M-Bar: CNC-machined
  • Wheels: VRD or TRS
  • RCB: CNCs
  • Seat: Dual-density low rollover
  • Saddle: Aluminum & Clincher

Who is in the market for a crank or crankset? A new bike buyer or a rider returning to the cockpit after an injury. Green Machine is a good middle ground all-around.

Look for a new user or a returnee who is interested in getting ready for season two of their road cycling lifestyle. Expect a lower price than the Zinger or SS cranks. The crank is a great value in tune with the basics of this market segment.

The Bike XCR super light titanium master crank was introduced in 2013. It utilizes an extremely thin and strong aluminum crankset which houses a strong titanium bottom bracket and true derailleur. It can be found with a variety of models.  The longer TCR skewers allow for a more aggressive line of performance and the larger headset used allows for a comfortable ride.

At Varsity Lipes, we want to provide you with the best and latest info on our products. We will highlight the benefit of buying our cranks, and the recent news which may be of interest to the individual just starting out with a new home racing bike.

There is a little over a week left before the hype hits. It is going to be a big day and we will be in town and ready to answer any questions you may have. The team is hard at work preparing you for the day when we can journey together so that you can take your new bike on the track.

Varsity Lipes Team

Our team is amazing and we can assure you that we will be right there, with you in person, with the latest features, new technology, bikes, training, training prep, and more information.

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Written by Mark Adams

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