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Exploring the Revel Ranger: Unleashing the Power of Downcountry Riding

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Unleashing the Potential: Introducing the Revel Ranger

Key Takeaways:

– The Revel Ranger is a high-performance downcountry bike designed to excel on a variety of terrain.

– The latest version, the Revel Ranger V2, features a new rear end and the introduction of SRAM’s Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH) standard.

– The UDH allows the bike to utilize SRAM Eagle Transmission drivetrains and simplifies hanger swaps.

– The V2 rear triangle boasts improved carbon layup for increased stiffness, along with upgraded links, pivot hardware, and shock mounting hardware.

– The Revel Ranger V2 offers enhanced tire and chainring clearance and includes a debris guard for added protection.

Introducing the Revel Ranger V2

The Revel Ranger has gained a reputation as a versatile and capable downcountry bike, delivering a balance of cross-country efficiency and trail-ready performance. With the release of the Revel Ranger V2, this popular model has received notable upgrades that further enhance its capabilities and riding experience.

The Power of SRAM’s Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH)

One of the significant changes in the Revel Ranger V2 is the adoption of SRAM’s Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH) standard. This innovation not only allows the bike to be compatible with SRAM Eagle Transmission drivetrains but also simplifies hanger swaps for riders who choose to build their bikes without SRAM’s latest drivetrain technology.

The switch to UDH is a significant development in the cycling industry, and Revel’s decision to embrace it soon after the introduction of SRAM Transmission is noteworthy. This move may pave the way for other brands to follow suit and join the UDH bandwagon, expanding the possibilities for drivetrain compatibility and customization.

Enhanced Performance with Upgraded Rear Triangle

While the UDH integration is the headline feature of the Revel Ranger V2, the bike also boasts an improved rear triangle. Revel has implemented an “improved carbon layup” in the rear triangle, resulting in a 20% increase in stiffness without adding any extra weight. This enhancement translates to enhanced power transfer, improved handling, and a more responsive ride.

In addition to the carbon layup upgrade, Revel has introduced new links and pivot hardware in the Ranger V2. The inclusion of titanium shock mounting hardware further contributes to weight reduction and improved durability. The overall result is a rear end that offers exceptional performance and reliability on demanding trails.

Refined Design and Practical Enhancements

The Revel Ranger V2 goes beyond performance upgrades by addressing practical considerations that enhance the overall riding experience. The V2 model features improved tire and chainring clearance, allowing riders to tackle more challenging terrain without limitations. Additionally, one of the pivots on the bike now utilizes larger bearings, increasing durability and minimizing maintenance requirements.

Revel has also taken rider protection into account by including a debris guard with the Ranger V2. This small but essential addition helps prevent debris, mud, and rocks from interfering with the suspension system and compromising performance.

Options and Pricing

Revel offers two build options for the Ranger V2 frame, both of which incorporate SRAM Transmission drivetrains. The pricing for these build options starts at $8,499 and goes up to $11,499 USD, respectively. These premium build options cater to riders seeking top-tier components and uncompromising performance.

For riders who prefer a more budget-friendly option, Revel still sells the Ranger V1, which starts at $4,639 USD. Alternatively, riders can opt for the Ranger V2 frame alone, priced at $3,599. However, it’s important to note that the V2 rear triangle is not backwards-compatible with the Ranger V1, limiting upgrade options for existing V1 owners.

For more information on the Revel Ranger V2 and its specifications, visit the official Revel Bikes website at


The Revel Ranger V2 represents a significant evolution of an already exceptional downcountry bike. With its upgraded rear end and integration of SRAM’s UDH standard, the Ranger V2 offers enhanced performance and drivetrain compatibility. Revel’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident in the refined carbon layup, upgraded links and pivot hardware, and practical additions such as tire clearance and a debris guard.

Whether you choose the premium build options or the more affordable V1 model, the Revel Ranger provides an outstanding riding experience that combines the efficiency of a cross-country bike with the capabilities of a trail machine. Embrace the power of the Revel Ranger V2 and explore new possibilities on the trails.

Written by Martin Cole

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