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Unleashing Fun and Speed: Exploring the Transition Spur

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Discover the joy of riding with the Transition Spur, a short-travel mountain bike that combines lightweight design, modern geometry, and thrilling performance. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of the Transition Spur, highlighting its features, construction, suspension, tires, wheels, and brakes. Whether you’re an XC racer, a trail enthusiast, or an adventure seeker, the Transition Spur is sure to impress. So, let’s dive in and explore this exciting bike.

Key Takeaways

  • The Transition Spur is a short-travel mountain bike designed for fun, speed, and all-day adventures.
  • Its modern geometry and lightweight carbon fiber frame make it agile and responsive on technical trails.
  • The Spur features 120mm of travel, a 29″ wheel size, and a 66° head angle, providing a balanced and confident ride.
  • With internal cable routing, accessory mounts, and a full-size water bottle capacity, the Spur offers convenience and versatility.
  • The combination of RockShox and Fox suspension components ensures a smooth and controlled ride over various terrains.
  • Roval Control Carbon wheels and Specialized Ground Control tires contribute to the Spur’s exceptional performance and ride quality.
  • SRAM Code brakes deliver reliable stopping power, making it easy to push the limits and explore new trails.


The Transition Spur boasts a 120mm travel, coupled with modern geometry that sets it apart. With a 480mm reach (size large) and 435mm chainstays, this bike strikes the perfect balance between stability and agility. The shorter chainstays add a zippy feel, especially on tighter, slower speed trails.

The Spur’s frame is constructed from carbon fiber, ensuring a lightweight build without compromising strength or durability. One notable feature is the ability to carry a full-size water bottle inside the front triangle, perfect for those all-day adventures. The frame also has mounts on the downtube’s underside for additional accessories, providing versatility for various riding needs.

Cable routing on the Spur is mostly internal, except for the brake line, which runs externally. This design choice makes brake swaps hassle-free, allowing for easy installation and removal without disconnecting the brake line from the lever. It’s a convenient feature, especially for riders who frequently test different brake setups.


The Transition Spur’s suspension setup combines components from two leading brands: RockShox and Fox. The 120mm of travel is handled by a RockShox SIDLuxe rear shock and a Fox 34 Grip2 front fork. This combination ensures a balanced and controlled ride, soaking up bumps and providing excellent traction on a variety of trails.

The suspension setup is optimized for the bike’s intended use, with a focus on maintaining a balanced feel. The 34 fork was initially set at 140mm, but the 120mm air spring proved to be the ideal choice for a more balanced ride. It’s important to match the suspension to the bike’s purpose, and the Spur excels in providing a fun and capable ride without trying to transform into a mini-enduro bike.

For riders with a weight of around 160lbs, recommended fork settings are as follows: Air pressure: 87 psi, HSC: 5, LSC: 12, LSR: 8, and HSR: 5 (all clicks from closed). The SidLuxe rear shock can be set at around 160psi, resulting in a 27% sag.

Tires / Wheels

The Transition Spur comes equipped with Roval Control Carbon wheels, offering a balance between weight and durability. Weighing in at 1473 grams, these wheels provide a responsive and comfortable ride experience.

As for tires, the Specialized Ground Control tires are a popular choice, with the tan-walled Soil Searching Grid T7 version adding a touch of ’90s flair. These tires weigh approximately 880 grams and feature a tread pattern and compound that perform well in most conditions. They strike a great balance between traction and rolling speed, with predictable handling characteristics.

In wetter conditions, it’s advisable to swap to a tire like the Specialized Butcher for enhanced traction in muddy and slippery terrain.


Bringing a short-travel bike to places it may not traditionally belong is part of the fun, and reliable brakes are crucial for such adventures. The Transition Spur offers the option to choose between SRAM G2 or Level brakes, but opting for the slightly heavier SRAM Code brakes is a wise decision.

While the Code brakes add around 40 grams per wheel compared to the lighter options, they deliver superior stopping power and a better lever feel. This allows riders to confidently tackle steep descents and technical sections. Metallic brake pads are recommended for improved performance, particularly in wet conditions where they outperform organic pads.

SRAM’s HS2 rotors, with their revised shape and extra thickness, contribute to the overall braking performance of the Spur, ensuring reliable and consistent stopping power.


The Transition Spur is a testament to the joy of riding short-travel bikes. With its lightweight carbon fiber frame, modern geometry, and well-chosen components, this bike is designed to deliver a thrilling experience on the trails. From its agile handling to the balanced suspension setup, every aspect of the Spur is geared towards providing fun and speed.

Whether you’re embarking on long XC rides, exploring technical trails, or seeking all-day adventures, the Transition Spur is ready to take you there. Its versatility, convenience, and impressive performance make it a standout choice for riders who crave a blend of excitement and efficiency.

So, unleash your riding potential and embark on new adventures with the Transition Spur. Experience the thrill of this remarkable short-travel mountain bike and let it elevate your riding to new heights.

Written by Martin Cole

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