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Product Review: Giro Cylinder Off Road Shoe

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Take to the trail with customised comfort thanks to the Giro Cylinder Off Road Shoe. Designed to deliver the perfect fit, the BOA technology crafted into this stylish mountain bike shoe allows for on-the-go adjustments via a single dial and set-and-forget strap.

Extreme Comfort

Come the end of your ride, you won’t want to take see the back of these off road warriors. With high-end traction thanks to the co-moulded nylon and rubber lugged outsoles, durability during your ride has also been increased while to toe and heel microfibre reinforcements provide added protection.

Allowing you to pull on and remove the shoe instantly, the Boa L6 dial really will change your session for the better.


  • BOA L6 (1mm + with macro release) retention with lower volume strap
  • Toe and heel microfiber reinforcements
  • Synthetic Upper
  • Die Cut Insoles

Giro Cylinder Shoe Review:

WOLFGANG DASHAUER once again coined a term ‘’Invisible’’ in order to define exactly what we are talking about. During my journey with the Giro Cyrus, I have experienced the term myself. The reason being, if you know you’re riding an off road trail, the chances are you’re going to experience significant friction. Giro’s Cerberus system has always proved more than excellent, if not totally exclusive to the Cyrus. Visible though a Giro Cyrus seems to be the low and front treads. The two-tone lacing hides these perfect traction areas, essentially hiding them from your eyes.

At first glance even with a normal insole, you take in the feeling of easy use and compression. Once you have a feed-forward of the magic squeezing process, a certain sense of superiority comes to mind and a sense of engagement with the ride. Slight tensioning your Shoe is also required to ensure a secure fit.

The Giro Cyrus uses Giro Xenith branded insoles.

Speaking of the Xenith material, the material is given a higher grade and is supposed to last longer. Not only because of the stronger material but also because of the colour, I mean, the shoe uses the same colour as the upper to give the perfect colour contrast.

The shoe hides the warning signs of true trail riding and gives you a burst of freedom to roam wherever they want. Additionally, the shoe is easy on your wallet because of the lack of components in the shoe. The only thing you would need to pay for is the tongue lining.

There is a rather extreme amount of energy in the Giro Cyrus Off Road Shoes. This amount of energy is what keeps the Giro Cyrus Off Road Shoe running smoothly. Firstly, you have shock absorption properties that prevent your foot joints from crumbling and giving your feet a break. This gives your feet the time they need to recover after the bike ride and then allows them to do what they love.

Secondly, the shoe has a secondary, with a large tread on the front and a tread on the rear, meaning that your feet have the appropriate amount of traction and are kept warm and dry.

Another feature that I found worth mentioning while riding is that of the Giro Cycling shoes’ soft collar. Not to be confused with most other off road shoes on the market, the soft collar of the Giro Cylinder does not cause any issues.

Putting this down to the system of the Giro Cylinder’s collar, as opposed to the material used. Most of the shoes on the market use a hard collar that sacrifices comfort for sure.

In order to improve the comfort to this shoe, Giro uses its proprietary fabric, which gives the soft collar a good amount of air circulation. As a result of this, your foot will not feel any extreme pressures from your shoe and can gush out the sides comfortably.

The limited amount of seams give the shoe a smooth feel and look. Measuring 3⁄ 4” wide, the shoe’s tight fitting gives the shoe a great all round fit.

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Giro Cylinder Shoe Review:

Both the Giro Cyrus Shoe and the Giro Cylinder Shoe are the perfect footwear for off-road trail riding. The Giro Cylinder is designed to compliment all sorts of terrain, whether you’re riding steep hills or cobblestone roads, the Giro Cylinder has your back and will surely give you a sense of ease and freedom. As you ride, the Giro Cylinder even helps with the logistics of your twenty-one somethings clipped lock system.

Riding through the Austrian Alps, I was able to reach the top of a mountain that I thought was impossible. The accomplishment of reaching a high point on my shoe raised my spirits as I rode down the mountain to find my lunchtime picnic. In order to achieve such heights, the Giro Cylinder is hard to be beaten.

It is worth mentioning that the Giro Cylinder Shoe features a rather innovative feature with the Boa L6 buckle. The Boa L6 buckle feature an arm containing the sharp edges that has the ability to cut through the surface of your road bike and your shoe. Clipping the flash and buckle on, you are then able to bury your shoe deep into the ground.

The ride was amazing and I am glad that I was able to achieve my goal and enjoy not just this off road shoe but the entirety of Austria.

With its technical and ethical approach, I am sure that many different people would have the experience I had with the Giro Cylinder off road shoe with the Giro Cyrus. In terms of the features, the Giro Cylinder Off Road Shoe is a shoe with a lot to offer and I strongly recommend.

“Ooh, aah, mmm, aah!”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use a Giro shoe on the road? A: Yes you can. A Giro shoe can be used on the road. However, that’s not to say that you should. Use the right shoe for the right riding type.

Q: Can I use a Giro shoe in Washington D.C.? A: Yes you can, but you need to do your research before you go. Washington D.C. is desert so the temperature can be cool if you have the right footwear.

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