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Product Review: Giro Saros Road Helmet 2014

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Performance features like Wind Tunnel™ ventilation, our premier Roc Loc 5 fit system, and a sleek, modern style makes Saros speak to riders planning to break from the pack and go their own way. Offered in five remarkable colorways, the Saros is sure to be a favorite out on the open road this season.


  • Suggested Use: Road Race, Enthusiast Road, Triathlon, Urban/Commute, Touring
  • Features: Roll Cage
  • Construction: In-mold – EPS liner, polycarbonate shell
  • Fit System: Roc Loc 5
  • Ventitlation: 23 Wind Tunnel vents, internal channeling

Giro Saros Road Helmet Review:

Giro’s Saros road helmet is an excellent choice for those looking for high-end fit and ventilation. But first a technical update.

The 2013 road helmet market has exploded in size thanks to the huge range of key features and colors offered. We think a bit more variety in the range of sizes and colors would make the market even more competitive. Still, the Rosso is very logical in its offering, offering the perfect blend of form and function.

The new Saros uses the same highly effective protection principles recently introduced into the women’s market with the Verve. The Shimano 6102 Wind Tunnel system with 21 vents and its internal channeling system provide an excellent ventilation option for both high impact and higher pressure (wetsuit/specialty), extreme temperatures or even fog. The Giro 613 fit system is ideal for riders who like the look of a low but sleek fit. The Giro 6190 Roc Loc 5 custom fit system allows for maximum comfort and optimal mobility, staying within an “optimal amount” of the crown.


In the right size? No problem! The Saros has two sizes of helmet shell: XS/S, and XXS/XXL. For the XS and XXS, you can interchange the shell between the two colors, or the two sizes, using a transfer strap. Just make sure the transferred color matches the color of the shell.

The Rosso has a exterior shell made of a combination of polycarbonate and EPS. The interior liner is also made of EPS, and the shell meets the CPSC standards. The shell flexes and bends, but does so under load, so the integrity of the plastic shell is maintained. During testing, we didn’t notice more fatigue to the shell than what is seen in the Giro Aurum XS-L, and the round shape of the shell also looks great.

The Saros is generally priced higher than the Aurum XS-L, but the fit and the Shell retention system really allow for great fit for a compromise price of premium price. The Sportcription colorway is a bit more expensive and the Aramid fiber interior liner is pricier than other models, but even at its much higher price point, the performance and fit of the Saros are excellent for a wide variety of road, triathlon and mountain biking styles. The Saros helmet is definitely a model that can fit anyone looking for a very high-end, but very reasonable, value.

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Giro Saros Road Helmet Review:

A high-performance wind tunnel that travels deep into the shell is also lightweight and has minimal drag. The wind tunnel portion of Giro’s Wind Tunnel system is rated by its winglets, a unique system of large vents and vents. The BMW R450s Wind Tunnel design works effectively at all helmet sizes to constantly ventilate the head throughout the ride. The result is great comfort and a pure racing-feel.

The wind tunnel utilizes many small, dedicated vents located in key areas of the shell. These areas are routed through internal channels and are not on the exterior shell itself. The result is an extremely effective and cost effective system that adds almost no weight. In addition to the great ventilation and comfort, the winglet technology also helps to eliminate the need for a high-pressure hose that curly-tailed riders might experience with a standard Vents/Winglets series.

Giro has also lengthened the internal channels in the shell and increased the number of channels per vent, there is a total of 14 internal channels. This increases the comfort levels and fit, while eliminating the problem of “pull out” comfort of the Vents / Winglets series.

Giro’s revised ventilation system utilizes 13 large and three small channels, divided by a millimeter between each channel. These channels differ from previous Giro bikes in the way they are arranged. The padding in the shell should not be visible once the wind tunnel is open. The channels across the shell from top to bottom are labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4. All of the channels are slightly smaller than those on the Varsity but make up for it with great ventilation. There is more channel capacity in the new Saros than the Varsity.

The space used to contain the space-saving channels is internal to the shell, but still has openings in the shell to allow the Vent-Star valve to be installed.

Giro’s new Vents-Star valves have been removed from the wind tunnel and replaced with the same metal valve. The replacement system is a slight modification of the original. The 3D mesh on the face is now a medium-impact design with 65/75aR/G/10, all covered in antibugging material dubbed “Giro’s Prime Fit Memory”.

N75 fits tighter than the Varsity but has a larger turning radius than the V-Star.

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Written by Mark Adams

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