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Product Review: Gravity Dropper Turbo LP Seatpost – Multi

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Lower profile unit that is rotated 90° resulting in cleaner cable routing and allows for 1/4″ greater insertion into frame over previous Turbo models.


  • Unlike the Classic, the Turbo does not require tapping the seat to raise it from the down-to-up position
  • LP (Low Profile) unit allows for 1/4″ greater insertion into frame over previous Turbo models, is designed to run backwards and uses more flexible housing for better cable routing
  • Remote lever makes it easy to adjust saddle height without stopping
  • Standard models have two positions, fully dropped or fully extended
  • Multi-position models have three positions, fully dropped, partially dropped, or fully extended
  • Weight: 513g (27.2×375)

Gravity Dropper Turbo Lp Seatpost Review:

The above is a very exciting feature of the new Gravity Dropper Turbo. . . The old Gravity Drop Seatpost has the same machined head and the new one being produced is designed on a smaller pitch end (1.125″) to allow for easier top end adjustment. Tapping with a flat screw driver only allows the system to remain in 1/4″ increments depending on how far the screwdriver needs to be removed. Without the tap, the seat can be moved back by more than 5mm as its weight is essentially in the top of the frame tube. Nevertheless, this new design seems to complement the many features of the Gravity Drop easily and the lever designs looks better, too.

The new Turbo is a smart device that makes a number of great ideas into a very usable single-pivot system. We really like the new design and think it is quite good in very hot humid conditions. We never use a dropped seatpost (terrain running us dry in our riding) but have found the Gravity Drop to be a fail-safe and more weatherproof that the old style.

Want a new Gravity Drop? Shake the World!

We cannot say enough about the Gravity Drop. It has changed the way we ride and it has saved many riders a substantial amount of money in the long run.

We like all the features found on the Gravity Drop however part of the reason to get a Gravity Drop over a .177 (or the smallest .177 we have) is the remote head. No need to tap the saddle if you don’t want to – it’s just like your other push-pull type head. This little piece is by far, the most user-friendly piece in the entire group.

We have not had any problem finding them out there. They are pretty much always in stock and easy to find.

The only down side to this nice sight-free design is that you can’t dial in a different angle of the remote head anymore. The addition of the remote is a big step forward but you can’t dial in new angles without taking the entire unit out and checking all ten locations to make sure it’s secure and works as intended.

It’s all good when there’s a helper.

It’s not all good when you have to take your Gravity Drop apart to move the remote head, but it’s good to know that the Remote is there if you ever need it and you can dial it in as needed!

Try the Gravity Drop out!

If you are concerned about your bike not setting up properly, don’t be afraid to take it out for a try.

It’s equally important to be comfortable riding a drop-equipped bike in most conditions.

Downhill conditions are an option – If you have a partner like we do, it’s much easier to experiment on a drop-equipped bike.

Read more or Buy here

Gravity Dropper Lp Seatpost Review:

These have been out for a while now, we are not quite sure how long they are still in stock or if they are constantly being reissued.

If you are still looking for a great drop-oriented multi-pivot system check out the new Gravity Lift.

The Gravity Lift has just been released and like the Drop Lite and Drop 3 this is not yet in our price range but if you are looking for a new multi-pivot setup, especially one that is designed so that you can easily move and adjust your saddle and get up to 900vm, we think this is you solution.

Gravity Lift Facts:

  • Weighs 513g (27.2 x 375)
  • Single-pivot or Multi-pivot
  • Remote push/pull head
  • Lowers your saddle by 300ths
  • 4 Way Rail Peg Configurations

The Gravity Lift has long been in our mind and with it’s availability, we have found it to be a cost-effective solution and been able to get one for our own bikes.

If you want to save a ton, the Gravity Lift is the way to go. But as always, keep in mind this system is designed around the .175″ width tripod.

But for significantly cheaper than a .177, you can have the option or less expensive multi-pivot systems to the Gravity Lift.

Gravity Dropper Turbo Lp Review:

  • Weight: 513g
  • Single or Multi-pivots
  • Release the Carry Handle on either side
  • You can still move the top tension handle

The top tension handle can still be accessed through a spring-loaded button on the top of the plate, even when the main tray tray is full

Doesn’t have a helmet lock

Standard / Duo-Pivot system or Multi-Pivot system with a .156″ adjustment range

The Gravity Lift is a single-pivot, single-drop, single seatpost system.

The standard one-pivot system is like high standard and we found that it worked great on our Multipivot bike.

We are impressed with the lever design of the single-pivot system and have never had any problem adjusting the saddle position with this system.

Read more reviews or Buy here

Written by Mark Adams

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