Ever Struggle to Find a Place for Your Key When You Go on a Run? the Keyper Is Your Solution.

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The Keyper is a phone wallet that holds both your cards and your house key. It allows you leave the house on a bike or run with all your essentials attached to your phone. 

Runners across the country face the difficulty of figuring out how to carry their essentials while keeping up with their fitness routines.

Some tie their keys to their shoelaces or tie them up with their hair in a hairband. Others stash them in a hidden place at the start of their route and grab them at the end of their run.

Some runners simply hold onto their house key in their hand with a tight fist. All of these methods are inconvenient and add unnecessary stress to your exercise routine.

The Keyper is a recently launched product initially intended for college students that has generated interest from marathon runners for its practicality and convenience.

The Keyper will keep your cell phone, house key, and cards all in one place so that you can keep a clear and focused mind while working out.

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