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Review of the Yale Certified Safe Professional 520/EG1

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The Yale Certified Safe Professional 520/EG1, is a high quality insured safe with electronic lock, that is proven to be a good buy. It is stylish looking, insurance rated and has a large high quality packaging that can house up to 15 passports and much more.

I put it to the test for a few months before writing this Yale certified safe review and I can honestly say that I was very impressed by the sturdy construction that Yale’s certified safe Pro-520 EG1 door offers.

Let’s quickly look at the structure of this unit using the Yale certified safe review guide below.

Construction of the Yale Certified Safe Pro 520/EG1

The Yale Pro-520/EG1 is constructed in a single piece of heavy duty steel with composite insulation and a steel alloy door and partition – on a par with units that are priced several times more than the Pro-520/EG1.

Away from the Yale certified safe review, let’s look at function. The door is secured with quick fit bolts – but capable of being defeated if the safe is taken apart.

The Yale certified safe Pro 520/EG1 has a 15 litre capacity behind the door, and offers a useful shelf that is rated to take a load of 7kg. That means that you can keep papers, a pistol and various other items on it without compromising the quality of the safe.

The Yale certified safe review found that the files were held securely in place and will stay in position – even if the safe is turned upside down.

The safe is rated for 2,000, and features a bright light that comes on when you open the door, as well as the ability to add a further security option – a key that is operated from the outside of the safe.

I found this Yale certified safe review interesting as I could not get my hands on the key – and now I know why – it is available under request only and not for direct sale. This really is just over the top in terms of deterrent prices for a Yale certified safe.

Operating the Yale Certified Safe Pro 520/EG1

The Yale Pro-520/EG1 is operated by a keypad and an LCD display to display PIN numbers. Both of these worked faultlessly in my Yale certified safe review and I found that the display is very clear in daylight and is kept visible by a useful back lit light.

The safe also has an automatic entry system – so when you open the door, it will switch on the light. This is an excellent touch that can mean you can access your safe in a dark room.

The door is very solid and has a decent Yale certified safe lock that is connected to a Yale certified safe handle and can carry a weight of 120kg. It also has three Yale motorised locking bolts, that are made from stainless steel, and are capable of withstanding a force of 2,200 pounds, to resist any entry attempts.

This just goes to show that the Yale certified safe Pro-520/EG1 is a sound built and secure Yale certified safe!

Summary of this Yale certified safe review

In summary, I understand why Yale has such a good reputation. They have built an awesome Yale certified safe that has a good balance of class and security. It is easy to operate and has plenty of space and capacity for just over £190 RRP.

The ability to hold up to 15 passports and various documents, accessories and pistol easily puts this Yale certified safe into the ‘ultimate security storage solution’ category.

I found this Yale certified safe review interesting as this is a big statement, but definitely, in my opinion, a big statement well worth the asking price.

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