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Burton Brixia Tre Size 5 Luxury Safe Review

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Product Description:

The Burton Brixia luxury safes are Eurograde 3 rated and provide secure storage for valuable jewellery and watches.Insurance rating 35,000. Eurograde 3, EN-1143-1 tested.Insurance approved.Digital keypad with 6-10 digit PIN. Choice of luxury internal modules available.Double walled steel body and door with drill protection. Door secured by three-way 25mm square locking bolts. Drill protection on the lock and bolt work. Bright internal lighting when safe door is opened.2 x Removable shelves.Suitable for floor or wall fixing (bolts included).

Burton Brixia Tre Size 5 Luxury Safe Review:

My first impressions of how the safe looked was that it was big and heavy. I also thought that the locking system looked solid and that the safe was exceptionally well designed. I liked that the safe had an interior lighting system. I did think that the safe was a little confusing to open at first, but after a couple of attempts at punching in the code, I got the hang of it, and it was actually very easy. There is a handy feature on the safe that means that incorrect codes entered twice in a row abort the open process and lock the safe again, which is a very useful feature.

This safe comes with two internal shelves in the removable safe deposit box. These are very handy, and I have actually used the shelf for some of my most expensive rings. The shelf has small ledges on the sides, which make it easy to remove the safe deposit box. I was able to remove the shelf by pulling the shelf back a little bit and then lifting it out, then just reversed the process when replacing the shelf. This worked very well, and I felt confident that the shelf wouldn’t become damaged. The shelf folds onto itself, and this gives the safe box a slightly increased height, which helps with saving valuable space when not in use.

The safe box promises to keep your valuables safe and secure, and there are three locking bolts and a drill protected lock to secure the safe box. I did feel reassured that my important items were safe and secure, and this was helped by the fact that the safe box was made from steel.

The safe is coated with varnish, as well as chrome handles and trim. There is an option of a silver or black finish. I opted for the black finish, as it matched the colour of my wall mounted shelving and wall mounted climbing frames perfectly. The black finish also nicely finished off my bedroom. If you do want to fix this safe to the wall, then the safe comes with all the necessary screws and double sided tape to do so.

The safe is easy to program, the instructions that came with my safe are very detailed and easy to follow. This makes it super-simple to get your safe fully functional. The safe comes with one spare battery, and there is a battery cover to access the batteries. The safe comes with an easy access key hole to get into the safe if you do forget your code. My safe came with an instruction manual that was easy to follow, and I got up and running in no time.

This safe is really roomy, and it gives me the space to store my items safely. Overall, this safe has been absolutely brilliant value for money, and has performed exceptionally well. I am thoroughly impressed with this safe, and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good quality, very spacious, safe. This is a quality product that has excellent security features, and is a great place to store your valuables.

The Good:

  • The safe has a good combination of style and functionality
  • The safe is made with a thick steel construction and has excellent security features
  • The safe has excellent storage capacity
  • The price of this safe is is good value for money
  • Highly recommend this incredible safe

The bad:

  • None

To Buy or Not to Buy:

Yes, I would highly recommend this safe for anyone who has valuable items and needs a safe place to store them, and I would definitely give this safe 5 out of 5 stars

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