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Burton Brixia Tre Size 4 Luxury Safe Review

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Product Description:

The Burton Brixia Tre Size 4 luxury, Italian designed jewellery safe offers high security protection from theft and is tested and certified by ECB-S to EN 1143-1 Eurograde 3 standard ensuring an insurance rating of 35,000 cash or 350,000 valuables. This safe is also approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS) and the safe door is secured with a high security electronic combination keypad. Optional jewellery drawer modules and watch winder modules are available to help protect and organise your jewellery and watches. The back and base of the safe is pre-drilled for fixing either on a DIY basis (bolts included) or by our own professional engineers.

Burton Brixia Tre Size 4 Luxury Safe Review:

The box for the Burton Brixia Tre Size 4 comes in two parts: a rather large box which is the safe itself, and a smaller box which contains lots of screws, bolts and other fixings (all in a handy little bag), and a door fitted on the right side… which is a very odd way of doing things to me. This is a very heavy box (about 110 pounds) and my husband and I managed to lift it on top of a small table, then carefully slide it off onto the floor, which worked really well. Then I took the bottom section out (where all the fixings are at), which was surprisingly easy. Then my husband fixed the safe to the wall with the small box on the left-hand side. Overall it was relatively quick and easy to do.

Inside is a thick roomy interior which is for those of us without lots and lots of jewellery: when I say roomy I mean that you can stick a small hand in there and reach the other side without any effort at all. On the left-hand side, this little “drawer” as the safe calls it is around half the size, and is fixed, so this is where you can either attach the watch winder, or hang your jewellery (both options are on sale, or you can use your own). At the bottom of the safe, is a compartment which I have not needed to use because I had no money or cards in any of the three wallets I decided to store in here. Overall, it’s well worth the price, no matter how small your collection of valuables is.


The hinges of the Burton Brixia Tre Size 4 Luxury Safe are definitely a little bit of a disappointment. Because I didn’t want my husband to have to use his tools and “alter” the hinges, I placed a heavy block of wood on top of a box of mince pies to add a bit of weight. That way, if someone opened the door, they’d probably end up knocking over both the block and the box. It’s definitely a thought for anyone who has children in the house! It’s hard to tell if another way to do it would’ve been better but I feel like it would’ve been better.

The whole safe is incredibly strong, and for the most part, it’s easy to press the button to unlock the door. That’s where the problem comes in. Because I weigh a lot more than the average woman, I had to force the door from the side to the “top” of the safe in order to unlock it, which is a huge problem. That’s why I thought that I’d get a heavier box of mince pies and weigh it down with that. Another thing that I could’ve done was to just unlock the door from the top. The only problem with that is that you can’t reach it from the inside! Did this compromise the overall strength of the safe? I didn’t think so…

That’s not all:

One of the greatest things about this Burton Brixia Tre Size 4 Luxury Safe Review is definitely that it’s completely silent. I don’t know whether that’s a “feature” of all safes, but I know that the only warning I’ve had is from looking at the small light on the door. That’s it! It is definitely a very good thing (more of a good thing to me) if you can keep silent while someone is trying to crack the code to get into your safe!

Overall, if you, or anyone you know, has a lot of things to keep safe from burglars and other people who don’t add up to much in the brains department, then I think this is the safe for you. Â Did I mention that the back and base are pre-drilled for fixing? It’s like it was made specifically for me!

You can buy the Burton Brixia Tre Size 4 Luxury Safe here

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