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ABUS Diskus 23/70 Padlock Product Review

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ABUS comes from the German word “Abus”, meaning “pincer”. Abus has become one of the leading names in high-security and high-quality security products and is now one of the largest lock companies in Europe. Based in Germany, they have won over 130 rewards for outstanding achievements in the industry.

The 23/70 model is a discus padlock, commonly used by many police forces worldwide but they can be hard to get hold of because they so popular. The 23/70 padlock is a high security, hardened steel discus padlock with security reinforcements including an anti-pick cover at the base of the shackle; a double locking deep body that is resistant to drilling, sawing and pulling, as well as TEN + 1 locking pin chambers. It is incredibly resistant, but that does not mean it is unbreakable. The 23/70 padlock is anti-corrosive and weatherproof (external use only) with a lifetime guarantee.

The design of this padlock is simple but effective. It is made up of two parts: a tough stainless steel head and a hardened steel shackle. The body of the padlock is deep, making it resistant to drilling attacks. The body has four flat sides, making it hard to grip, one of the reasons the discus padlock is famous in the police force for resisting attacks. It is important to note that the body is square but the shackle is a round, which really brings the design of the padlock together; if the body was a round and the shackle was square, the design would not have been as smooth or aesthetically pleasing. The shackle is attached to the body at three non-precise points, which adds to the strength of the discus padlock. The shackle is bright silver, making it more secure and easier for users to see if someone attempts to force the lock. There is no keyhole cover or handle on the outside, meaning that the locks can be used for schools or other places where teachers or parents can check if the lock has been broken into.

A disadvantage to this form of padlock is that there is no method of cut protection. However, this can be easily overcome by purchasing a cover for the lock, or even putting a nail through the pin holes in the lock, which will stop the pins moving or the shackle being pulled away. It does not come with a bracket to attach it to a gate. However, this is easily overcome by either finding one and buying it or a quick search on Google. This also means that attaching it to a gate can take up to a minute longer, which is not ideal particularly in public places where thieves can attack.

The 23/70 padlock is heavy at 261g. This allows the padlock to prevent attacks such as sawing and breaking, as it is too heavy to carry. The discus padlock is glossy on the inside, making it less easy for a thief to pick, as well as making it harder for the lock’s surface to be scratched. This also makes the 23/70 padlock more aesthetically pleasing to look at.

I would recommend this lock to any public buildings. It is incredibly secure and cannot be reasonably picked from the outside. If anyone is attempting to break in and has tools (not more than a few seconds worth of tools) they can still break the lock. The 23/70 padlock can be attached to any gate or door; the steel fittings that are normally sold with locks aren’t required. However, the lock is big enough to cover the majority of screws on the padlock with the head. When the lock is forced open, the 23/70 discus padlock makes enough noise to notify the school or other public buildings employees. 

Although it is a hefty lock, it is still light enough to carry around so that it can be used with problems needing to be fixed but the building is locked. The 23/70 padlock is easy enough to attach to a door, but if the lock does break, it is manageable enough to keep hold of it and lock it in a building. The discus padlock is large but light enough to carry around. It is cheap enough that purchasing two to attach to the front and back of a door will not break the bank. I would also recommend it for homes, as it is a great secondary lock. The discus padlock is a strong one, and does not need regular maintenance.

It is one of the best padlocks for police security, as the police are unlikely to see another. A 23/70 would also be useful for any public building or school. Although not like a safety deposit box, the padlock is strong enough to stop thieves from taking valuables from the school and prevent burglars so breaking into houses or jobs. Anyone with the time, money and looks put into them could attempt to break this lock. This is about as secure a padlock as you can get. However, the design of the lock does make it easier to pull off, but that can be easily overcome by attaching a bracket. The 23/70 is a heavy lock, and heavy padlocks like this are less likely to break when force is used on them. There are no optional covers or additions to this padlock. Although it is a simple design, it is a very secure design. The 23/70 padlock is one of the best, if not the best lock for the police force, schools, hospitals, offices or anywhere large amounts of money or important items are stored. I would rate this lock 10/10.

We recommend this product to all people wanting a high quality padlock.

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