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Review of the ABUS TITALIUM 64TI/40 Padlock

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Good Looking High Security Padlock!​ The TITALIUM 64TI/40 Padlock has a nice professional robust look, which is thanks to the TITALIUM Body Material. This guarantees reliability, quality and durability, and you know it will last! If you are looking for a theft protection then this is it! Being a hardened 316TI it is the most resistant metal with the ability to resist saw attacks. This means that it is extremely hard to saw through, even with modern power tools. It is virtually impossible to defeat this lock by hand tools for instance.

High Security Padlock! An extremely high level of security is offered by the TITALIUM 64TI/40 Padlock which makes it perfect for preventing many illegal activities and unwanted intrusions.

Very Secure Padlock! The TITALIUM 64TI/40 Padlock has many security features including the high level of security as listed above, but also the Open/Close Indicator Feature and the Replaceable Pins. These great security features ensure that you can keep track of the padlock has not been tampered with and that you can replace the pins when necessary.

Very Durable Padlock! Look after your padlock and it will look after you. Therefore, you should make sure that you are using the right padlock for you and securely. The TITALIUM 64TI/40 is very durable, and is ideal for use in any environment or weather. This is because the TITALIUM Body Material make the lock completely weatherproof and so it is perfect for outdoor usage. It can withstand sub-zero temperatures and any known corrosion agents. Therefore all you have to do is make sure it is properly installed and it will continue to operate and protect your belongings.

Top-Notch Security Padlock! The TITALIUM 64TI/40 Padlock is a top-notch security lock and will provide you the top-notch security benefits, protecting your equipment, property and valuables, it is reliable and very durable.

Increases the Value of Your Home! Protecting your home is not something that you should ignore. Instead, you should think of it as a prevention method, which in turn will help to increase the value of your home. The lock can be used to protect your personal belongings, and therefore, the added protection will increase the value of your property over time.

Tips for Use:

  • Before install your padlock, it is recommenced that you read the instruction manual that comes with the product.
  • Secure your padlock as high as possible, as it increases the security of the lock.
  • Make sure that the shackle is properly closed when you uninstall your padlock.
  • Do not use your padlock for any other purpose other than securing your valuables.
  • Do not leave the padlock exposed to the sun, but rather keep it in a cool and dry place.
  • Do not use it to secure items with low value or security.


The TITALIUM 64TI/40 is a robustly built padlock that is highly resistant to saw attacks. This is thanks to both the 316TI locks and shackle. It is highly resistant to corrosion agents and resistant to saw attacks. The TITALIUM 64TI/40 is a professional looking padlock that looks as good as it is. It is durable, weatherproof and guaranteed to last! It is as sturdy as it is secure and a great investment for any home or business. The TITALIUM 64TI/40 is a great security feature that serves a practical purpose, but also protects your valuables and keeps you and your property safe. So if you are looking for a lock then look no further!

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