Product Review: Spank Spoon-32 Wheelset 2017

A quality wheelset upgrade doesn’t have to break the bank; the Spoon 32 wheelset is the perfect bombproof, economic upgrade for your MTB. Whether you prefer downhill or freeride, this hand-built MTB wheelset comes with a 32H J-hook configuration with 3-cross spoke pattern. This construction gives the Spoon 32 wheelset a level of stiffness, durability, and spoke torque retention that is unmatched in its class.

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Quality MTB Hub

Now featuring Spank’s Spike Hubs, the Spoon 32 Wheelset offers improved engagement, lighter weight, and enhanced adaptability. Spoon 32 rims are constructed of 6-series alloy, incorporating Spank Industries’ patented OohBah™ reverse-well rim design.


  • Key Technologies: Beadnip™, OohBah™
  • Material: MGR Dynamal Alloy
  • Spokes: J-hook, brass nipples
  • Hole Count: 32H – 3 cross lacing
  • Inner/Outer Rim Width: 26.5mm/32mm
  • Tubeless: Not recommended
  • Discipline: Race/Freeride/Trail
  • Weight: 2330g (26″); 2430g (27.5″)

Spank Spoon 32 Review:

If there was ever any doubt about quality after the launch of Spank’ s Spike hubs, the Spank Spoon 32 rims will blow those doubts out of the water. They are light (well, comparatively) but bombproof. And yeah, they’re heavy, but that’s a tradeoff for the incredible durability that only Spank would ever be able to create. Okay, let’s get actual with the tech.

These rims are 6-series alloy with MGR Dynamal. Yeah, I had to Google that too. It’s basically a proprietary alloy crafted by Spank for both lightness and durability. They’re not listed as being super light, but they are better than most. They are 26.5-ish and 32-ish. I suppose I could put a ruler to them, but the difference is hard to tell, and the rims are meant for 26+ and 27.5+ bikes. To be honest, if you’re on a 26-inch wheeled bike, your life is probably bleak enough without having to deal with 32-spoke wheels. To each his own.

There are “6-Series” Spank rims, and there are “5-Series” Spank rims. Then there is the MTB 6-Series. It’s not as sticky as the MTB 5-Series, which is goofy sticky, but it offers a good compromise between weight and durability. (For reference, the MTB 6-Series rims are about 95g lighter than the MTB 5-Series rims). If you’re putting nice wheels on a downhill bike, you’re going to want a 6-Series rim. You want a rim that you can trust to be there in a pinch.

Spank has made the rims on their Spoon 32 wheels very different from the rims that came originally with their popular Bluto fork. The Bluto is next-level-insane, and its fork is wild enough that a lot of people buy the fork, ride it for a bit, and then buy a second one for the bike they already have. If you’re wondering about a Bluto fork on a Spoon 32 wheelset review, well, don’t. It just doesn’t work as well. The Bluto’s fork is a twin-tube (inner and outer tube), the Spoon is a single-tube fork. The single tube offers more strength and flex, which is actually necessary for these wheels. You’re not going to want to put them on a rigid bike. And for what it’s worth, it’s not exactly true that the Spoon 32’s can’t be run tubeless, it’s just that they’re not super comfy tubeless. We’re going to cover that more in the riding section.

And yes- I can feel the weight. I believe the claimed weight of the whole set is just over 2,300g. If I was riding in races I’d be upset about that weight, and I would go for a lighter set. However, for everyone else in the world, heavy is acceptable. It’s expected. The heavier wheels will last longer, and they’ll put less wear on your frame. And guess what? They’ll do the same for your forks and seat posts. If you’re considering a nice fork and a nice seat post- put heavy wheels on the bike to protect your investment, and last longer.

The Spoon 32s are meant for xc, enduro, and trail. They’re not meant for downhill, so don’t use them for that. It’s possible, but the weight and width will result in a dangerous ride. When the Spank Spoon 32 wheelset is on the bike, it’s a different beast. There is a definite, perceivable difference, especially if you’re the kind of rider who needs to descend fast.

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Marry This Wheelset To A Bike

Spank is a small company, and they make wheel sets. They make forks. And they make brakes. And in one cool moment they’ll start making frames. However, there is something to say for the fact that they know their wheel sets, rims, hubs, and spokes. They’re hand-built, and they’re an expert at what they do. You’re not going to find a better bike wheelset. I’ve been doing this for seven years, and nothing is as good as the Spank Spoon 32s wheels. They’re light enough (obviously not super light, but comparable), and they’re super durable. There is no such thing as a downhill wheel that’s durable. It just doesn’t exist. I’m sure a lot of people would love to have a durable downhill wheel, but it just doesn’t exist. You’re never going to know how durable these wheels are until a year from now. Or two. Or three.

Spank doesn’t claim that these are super durable, all-terrain wheels. They’re right about that. The cost of the Spank Spoon 32s wheelset is something that should be in everyone’s price range. If you’re not ready for the cost of $1,000 wheels for your trail bike, or $800 for your overlander bike, then you can buy Spoon 32s for a quarter of that price. And honestly, it doesn’t matter how expensive your fork is, or how incredible your seatpost is. Without a decent set of wheels, you’re going to be disappointed in your ride. It’s like getting a divorce and being an ugly person at the same time. If you’re worried that these are overkill for your bike, don’t worry. If your bike handles well, you like it, and you spend time on it, it deserves nothing but the best wheels. Strong, durable wheels.

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A Different Kind Of Strength

Spank is known for making the best rims in the land. There’s a lot of competition out there, and Spank is still the best, by far. If you’re upgrading your wheels from a single spoke design, you should see a noticeable improvement immediately. Spank is just that good.

The Spank Spoon 32s wheelset makes you feel like you’re going to get somewhere fast. It makes you feel confident in your ability to descend safely. It makes you feel like you can take on a peak. When you’re riding a bike and you have confidence, the bike is performing. When the bike is performing, you’re comfortable. When you’re comfortable, you’re having fun.

Riding with the Spank Spoon 32 wheelset is kind of like riding an old school MTB bike- only better. Some of the qualities of riding a really old-school bike are that it makes you feel like you have so much power, but you don’t have as much power. I like to think of the Spoon 32s wheelset as offering a balance between feeling either powered up or mellow. Depending on how you’ve set up your bike, you can opt for a more mellow riding experience, or for something more powered up. Yeah, it’s awesome.

I realize that I didn’t talk about the durability of the wheelset, but I kind of already did. This is a wheelset that’ll last you a really long time. There are no spokes on the Spank Spoon 32s wheelset. In fact, the wheels are almost entirely one piece. I can say this for a fact- the wheels are the best. They’re unbreakable.

Spank sells a lot of products. As I’ve said, they make some of the most popular forks on the market, as well as a number of other weird and amazing parts. For example, they make a brake called the Chub that is a contraption that lets you attach your front brake to your seat post. I’m pretty sure that they invented the Chub, but maybe not. Maybe they just popularized it. I’m not really sure.

In any case, Spank’s parts are legit, durable and sturdy. They’ve been at it for a long time. They’re smart, and they build parts that are going to last. The Spoon 32s are proof of that. The Spoon 32s really are one of those things that every bike rider should own.

Spank is one of the biggest bike parts companies I know of- at least, in terms of popularity. They can thank their motocross roots for that, because Spank (the company) was born out of SPank (the bike, that actually exists). The Spank Spoon 32s are a popular wheel set from a popular bike parts company.

Combining Style And Fun

I think that this is going to be very straightforward. I’ve already mentioned what Spank is known for- rim and tire building. I’m going to add in a little meat to my bones at this point. Imagine that you have a Brompton with these wheels. Or a bike with these wheels on the front and back- a fixed gear build. You can really transform your bike into something almost entirely new. It will still have the same frame, the same price, and the same name, but it’ll be so awesome that it’ll be like a whole different bike.

For the most part, the Spank Spoon 32s offer you a super unique ride. I’m confident in the fact that no one else is going to ride with the Spank Spoon 32s on their bikes. These wheels are just looking to be unique, and they really do the trick.

Awesome For High-Speed Crashy Riding

For the most part, Spank is known for racing products. You’re not going to race with the Spank Spoon 32 wheelset.

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