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Product Review: Mavic Crossone MTB Wheelset 2015

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Years of wheel systems development enable us to bring expertise to all levels. All the components are engineered together to ensure maximum reliability and the feel of a true wheel system. Simple and reliable: Crossone.


  • FTS-X – Force Transfer System X: A further improved FTS freewheel system to meet the demand of intensive MTB riding as closely as possible to make the freewheel mechanism even more hard wearing.
  • Weight:
  • Pair 26″: 1885g
  • Rims:
  • Material: S6000 Aluminium
  • Profile: Disc brake specific
  • Valve hole diameter: 8.5mm with pop off reducer
  • Tyre: tubetype

Mavic Crossone MTB Wheelset Review:

FTS-X – Force Transfer System X: A further improved FTS freewheel system to meet the demand of intensive MTB riding as closely as possible to make the freewheel mechanism even more hard wearing.

We have looked at previous Mavic Crossone wheelsets, have looked at their compatibility with the dynamo and now we are looking at how to set up your Crossone. This is one of two main types of Crossone wheel and its features can be found here.

The wheel has a number of features. One of these is its cantilever design. This is a further improvement on the previous Crossone model and in some ways is a more mature version of their incredible Beyond grip.

This has been added to with the more pronounced profile, and is probably the feature which will attract the most attention. A big part of the design is to give the wheel a more eccentric profile, but also to extend the wheelbase a little. The result is a slightly wider profile and a more attractive wheel.

As you can see the profile is a bit more pronounced than in previous models and there is a hint of a crossbar to guide air over the contact patch. This provides more traction over rough ground and also helps reduce deflection under heavy cornering.

For some this may not look like much but it gives a bit more surety to the wheel. Certainly in road riding the increased weight and lowered profile is likely to make a significant difference.

The 2.8m wheel is a dual-section design with a pair of split-arms. This was never the same but its design has been improved significantly. Simply put this is a wheel that has been moulded into an equally hard oval shape.

The three-bolt cage has been adjusted slightly to provide more clearance for the rim tape. A slight tolerance adjustment has also been provided.

This is much more rigid than before and this makes a big difference to wheel strength. At the same time the rigidity is more pronounced. The cross-section design also helps to keep the wheel in the right shape. The s-curve at the rear is actually the double-braced section. This makes sure that the wheel doesn’t wobble around when the regulations change or you’re riding in a race situation.

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The Crossone 29 is smaller than the Crossone 35 but not by much. It really is good quality aluminium alloy and is fully-fledged Crossone. The mounting system is probably the weakest point of the wheel. I doubt that this is an issue for most but it is something to be aware of.

The brake has a very accommodating non-adjustable mechanism. It rotates as the brake is released, so it certainly is easy to adjust. The brake lever release is also located on the inside of the wheel, so there really isn’t a lens problem.

The Crossone has a very neat integrated frame that includes a dropper post at the rear. It’s a little on the heavy side but it is a great way to improve stability. The integrated suspension is very well thought through and really does ensure an extremely stable riding position.

As well as the brake system there are also a couple of nicer bushing-mounted spoke nipples. The included bottle cage is a little basic with a simple ‘rubber’ type clamp. All the spokes taper into the rim and the rim has a smaller contact patch. I have a hard time seeing the need for this feature but it does help to make the wheel a little more aerodynamic.

What is missing from the line-up is a kicker axle. The standard axle is great but there are a number of advantages to having a truly freehub-compatible option. This is something I would love to see but I don’t think it will ever appear.

This Crossone Crossone 29 review is hopeful for the better. It is very reliable and although there are issues with a second set of equipment, it is an impressive wheel.

I recommend the Crossone for riders who want something that will take a heavier rider if they need some extra stability whilst at extremes. It’s definitely up there with the best in this area.

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Written by Mark Adams

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