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Product Review: Lynskey Cooper CX Frame 2018

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Lynskey’s Cooper CX Frame is a genuine do-it-all road, cyclocross and gravel grinding machine. Built for adventure, it’s ready to take you well off the beaten path and bring you back again in comfort. It’s also prepared for riding in all conditions as it boasts the modern flat mount points, making it compatible with the latest road disc brakes.

Off-Road Specific Features:

Every detail of this has been obsessed over by Lynskey. Features include a 3AL/2.5V titanium construction with a large diameter squared downtube for enhanced stiffness, top tube cable routing to keep control cables clean and carefully shaped seat stays and chainstays for super-wide 45c tyre clearance. It’s also rack and mudguard ready for your winter commutes or touring holidays.

Lynskey Cooper Cx Frame Review:

Packed with Character

The Cooper CX can’t be compared to one of its big boy brethren and will have something for everyone. This cyclocross specific bike utilises a tapered head tube with 2.6in dropouts to make it easy to handle in the road conditions that are likely to come. It is also built to handle as though it is a full-on mountain bike.

Because of the sporty nature in which it is built, Lynskey have chosen a mountain climbing fork designed to utilise a compatibility louvre 36mm, and the frame is specced with two point mounting to ensure reliable contact was made with the application.

The travel spec comprises a 41mm seat tube to make it ready for your mountain biking ambitions. The Ultegra or A2 drivetrain is also equipped with a Shimano cassette wheel system, complete with the latest 48T/32T options.

The bottom bracket and chainstay length vary to cater for the versatility within the wider application of your sport. The rear dropouts are also equipped with a kickstand that gives you the option to carry your activity pack with you.

The Cooper CX excels at everything in its sporty category and is designed to be a good long seat of the pants ride on a range of surfaces. In regards to load carrying, the Cooper has a removable dropper post that can be adjusted for the length and load size you are carrying.

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Lynskey Cooper CX Review: Features and Build Quality

This bike was built for a respectable climbing performance on gravel and dirt tracks. Whether you are an aggressive mountain biker or a daily rider, this bike is well equipped to tackle a range of terrain and to do so efficiently and effectively. It has been designed with off-road duties in mind.

Let’s start with the Specialized 26″x4.3″ Roxali Alu model, which features a feature in their bikes that makes a real difference to how the bike rides on the trails. Specially designed as multi-groove aluminium wheels with a 22mm offset, this type of wheel has fewer steps in how it tracks.

The suspension of this model is also designed to steer in the direction of trail compaction. This is very important in order to help keep the trail in clipping distance. Couple this with the fact that there is more room for you to get on and off the bike and you have a really capable bike.

The Cooper CX is laid out to be ready for anything you can throw at it, without being picky about the type of trail you were cycling on.

The Cooper CX offers a high level of comfort and everyday riding pleasure, particularly when you are disposing of the elements after your ride. That said, the handlebars are designed to provide extra support beneath your hands, and even offer an extra arc at the front for supporting power as well as effort.

It is possible to mount a road disc wheel on this model and make it more of a do it all compact. Another option is to use the TRS design of the 28B/8 speed Shimano Acera groupset.

The Cooper CX is really a combination of entry-level rider and hard-tail mountain bikes. It makes an excellent choice for an XC racer or a dedicated cyclocrosser. Its treatment of the terrain means you won’t be forced to cram it all down the steep hill and back up again.


The Cooper CX offers a little bit of everything in its paces. Whether your riding skills are up for a steep test in the hills or you are simply looking for a great comfortable ride. It could be the ideal training or technical riding machine. The Cooper CX also features the lugged shape, making it a true road or mountain bike.

To get the most out of this bike, you must ensure you have the right components fitted. Start by ensuring your wheels are tubeless ready and you are fit for a longer ride.

Finally, extend your performance series by upgrading parts for your bike’s frame geometry. There are a lot of components that can support your training and riding as you progress, but you must make sure that the correct frameset is fitted for you to optimise your use of the bike. A lot of the time, adjustments to frame geometry come down to an axle angle and stem length and these are unfortunately not always easily adjustable.

Once you have all the parts configured to the right, you can now get yourself into the groove, and that is exactly what this model does. The execution of a high level of performance combined with the tune-up required in its components creates a great all-round bike.

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