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Product Review: Lezyne Strip Drive PRO 300L Rear Light

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The Strip Drive Pro 300L Rear Light features 5 of Lezyne’s market leading, ultra-high output LEDs to provide you with outstanding visibility to other road users. Also, as it features 11 different modes and mode memory, when you find a setting to suit your riding environment, you can jump straight back to that setting when you switch your light back on.


  • Side visibility
  • Waterproof
  • Memory mode
  • Simple strap mounting
  • Intelligent power indicator
  • Maximum Output: 300 lumens
  • Modes: 11
  • Running Time: High: 3 hours; Low: 20.3 hours
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion
  • Battery Included: Yes

Lezyne Strip Drive Pro Rear Light Review:

Both of us had a blast with this product since they are so easy to install and they are so easy to use. Definitely getting more because they are amazing and hopefully they will last forever.

Quite an amazing product to get and you won’t regret buying it!

The Turbo Cross TTX Rear Light (or Recumbent) Light features 6 different LEDS including large front LED, 2 small front LEDS and 2 large side LEDS. All these LEDs perform the same function. You get amazing light, up to 305 lumen which equals to a claimed running time of up to 3 hours.

Because of the use of LEDs, any wear and tear on the rear light is reduced to a minimum and you wont even know it’s missing. All the LEDs on this product were repeatedly cycled, through the use of the coin to lower, then raise the bulb run .

The next time you are tired of changing your lights in the middle of the race and you need to have some extra light in between intervals or when you just want to have a little bit more visibility that maybe the next minute or two, this is the product for you.

Would highly recommend!

The Spektra is the first model that Lezyne provide. It’s a versatile light for a wide variety of riders and terrains. With a versatile light, you can use it to see around you at night.

The Spektra has a large area that you can use to see in front of you and behind you without obstructing your view. This is a very useful feature when you’re gonna have to look crowded to gain the space in front of you. Like we said before, amazing product to have on you during those last moments before you finish your ride or you are about to crash.

You hardly notice anything. Speaking of looking crowded, its quiet and doesn’t get in your way while doing anything in the race. It also really comes in handy at night when you want to give someone else a turn.

Great product to get for when you’re going to crash and you need some extra light to see where you’re running, start from, so you can get some extras lights in.

It was also really great for those cold nights in Europe where we were during the night when we didn’t have any hands free radios, the Spektra made a great addition as it has this great functionality while also being powerful.

It was great for all types of riding, hills, descents, etc, just like everything that can be made to fit perfectly with the right riding product.

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Lezyne Strip Drive Pro LightReview:

We are so happy with this product and we will continue to use it for a long time to come. It was awesome for keeping us going in the last minutes of a race and increasing my speed. It actually worked so perfectly and it feels like when I was at home and running. Also, I wouldn’t leave it at home because it’s such a useful product.

We absolutely love it and we recommend you to get one of these as soon as you can, when you find a recommendation like this, you should go for it, trust us.

Pro Circuit Race XCT Rear Light is a three-mode light, it has one output LED and two Maglite-style lamps. You get a whopping 176 Lumens of light, which can be adjusted in full-range from full- HDR white to full-HDR orange.

As with its other trade-marked items, Pro Circuit has tried to create their own original and unique item. This LED rear light takes a different approach to its other ML models, as it is powered by its own lithium ion battery, allowing it to have the most output of any of the models. You choose between varying from 40 to 200 Lumens.

Really, perfect for the rider who likes to have a little bit more of a boost in their performance than they would have in a traditional bulb. With the ability to save all your lights to your existing light by simply pushing the switch, Pro Circuit is set to become the standard for all of its competitors, which is pretty much what we hoped it would be.

The price is also incredibly fair, at the time of writing of the article. $30, for the brightest out of the models is not a bad price considering the full 175 lumen shines out to the rear really well, too. Definitely an underrated product to get, isn’t it?

Lezyne trackstar rear light stands out as the brightest LED rear light system and is available in 4 different lighting modes. It has a 3 or 6-year limited warranty.

A nice little retro product that fits right back into the 80s that is for those nostalgic retro riders, you can never go wrong with anything with Lezyne on it, it’s wonderful after all.

The strip drive drive line of products is still in production now, over 20 years and still doing what it does best, provide the rider with a quality and innovative product. The Pro Circuit RLC is no exception, as its powerful yet very simple to use, the charger is really unique as it has integrated security features and a user-friendly remote.

What’s nice about this product is, when you think of Lezyne technology, it’s a good thing. The package included is really sleek and compact and is a pretty good size pack to have on you all the time on your bike. This is the one of the most beautiful designs of a LED light, which makes Lezyne performance even more amazing.


  • 300 Lumen light
  • Intelligent ESP Mode
  • Anti Rotating Housing
  • ESP Mode Always on
  • Ideal for 1200-2700miles
  • Features 5 different modes
  • Relatively low price


  • No side reflector
  • Could improve the distance to 50 meters for full-range UV.

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Written by Mark Adams

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