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Product Review: KS Suspension LEV DX Dropper Seatpost

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The KS Suspension LEV DX Seatpost brings you all the performance and technologies as seen on the rest of the higher spec LEV range. The LEV DX does not cut any corners, it still has the same robust construction, air sprung pneumatic cartridge, and zero-movement cable technology. However, by dropping some of the upgraded materials such as titanium bolts and carbon fibre parts, KS Suspension have brought it in at a price that makes it available to all.


  • Material: AL7075 Aluminium
  • Travel: 100mm (335mm) 125mm (385mm) 150mm (435mm) 175mm (485mm)
  • Actuation: Remote with internally routed cable
  • Head: 0mm setback
  • Rail clamp: two-bolt clamp micro adjustment for standard 7x7mm rails
  • Locks anywhere in vertical range, post will not extend when lifting the saddle
  • Only compatible with frames with dropper seatpost internal routing points
  • ODI Lock-On compatible lever mount

Ks Lev Dx Seatpost Review:

We are currently testing the KS Lev DX dropper seatpost so we will make sure to write a full review of it. If we are lucky we have contacted our friends at KS Suspension to see if we can test out their newest product.

Thank you to our friend at Ks Suspension for sending us a set of the KS Lev Dx suspension LEV DX seatpost. If you want your seatpost to perform like a pro then you should trust a company like KS, the DSi and SxL are two very experienced riding companies and you can trust the products and the knowledge of them to deliver the best results.

Ks Suspension is one of the leading suspension companies in the world putting out a near endless array of quality products. If you want a dropper seatpost that does not become problem free as soon as you ride it then Ks Suspension is the company for you.

If you want an affordable alternative to a brand such as the Dura Ace Di2 or the SRM dropper then the KSlev lev dx is a great product you can use. KSlev Lev Dx is a dropper post designed for use on road and mountain bikes that can be used anywhere you fit your bike and has a price point that makes it very affordable.

If you still think you want the new top of the line dropper post then give a call to your friends at KS Suspension and see if they can send you a copy of their Lev Dx. We will see if this is a very big selling point for the new dropper posts Kslev Lev Dx comes with after we have had a chance to test it and see how it performs.

All in all the KS Lev Dx is an affordable dropper post that is designed for a wide range of riders and bikes. As you can see the price point on this being a €69.99 product is very low. The dropper post has a minimum quality and is extremely durable, making it great for riders looking to save money on dropper posts.

The product works well in the way that the cable does not extend as soon as you lift the saddle, this gives you more time to get that perfect backset and your weight is redistributed more evenly across the whole of the post. You will be very surprised with how this great little dropper seatpost will make your favorite bike ride even better, as if highly rated Kslev Lev Dx, and it is a very unique product that I will be doing a full review on for you guys.

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Kslev Lev Dx Key Features:

  • Genuine KS Lev Dx Cup Riser
  • The Lev Dx is designed with the same solid construction, air spring, and carbon fibre components as the rest of the LEV range of products, the only difference is it is available in a 100mm post travel.
  • All products have the same motorised cable technology.
  • No-Movement cable
  • Unique design that extends at exactly the right moment
  • Fully threaded fixing

Kslev Lev Dx Seatpost Review:


  • No assembly required
  • Plenty of gears for superior performance
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to adjust seatpost while hub brakes are on
  • Less wear and tear on post and headset
  • Rossignol V-Link Stem can extend to 100mm
  • Offsets front brake better than Arai V-Link
  • FREE DH mount
  • Kwik Mount freehub adapters available
  • Sturdy, lightweight and low cost


  • No safety mechanism
  • Flip out lever for activation between seats
  • Bolt spacing is too close to frame
  • Superb dropper seatpost with an affordable price point!

Kslev Lev Dx has an excellent design that extends at exactly the right moment to give you the right amount of adjustment when you need it. It is also easy to operate both when your pressure is on and when your pressure is off, so you will have a dropper post that can accommodate a wide range of riders.

The KS Lev Lev DS D™ suspension seatpost is made to fit the widest range of bikes and is available with several post types. It is low carbon steel and high tensile steel, the materials used gives you a dropper post that is extremely durable and reliable. The remote activated lever will allow you to force it to extend when needed and restrict movement when you ride straight.

You can adjust the seatpost from 71 – 45 inches, so it will be suitable for riders from 5’3″ to 6’1″ and with a maximum load capacity of 7.3 lb. The KS Lev Lev DS D™ is a budget friendly dropper post that will be easier to accept and get used to using.

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Written by Mark Adams

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