Product Review: Cannondale Pack Me Jacket 0M302

Lightweight protection for any ride and packs up small! Pack Light Plus is a one-later breathable, water repellent, windproof, an very packable fabric!

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Cannondale Jacket Features:

  • 100% Nylon
  • Water repellant
  • Windproof
  • Packs away to a small, easy to carry size

Cannondale Pack Me Jacket Review:

I have a need of both a lightweight spring and fall cycling jacket and a heavier water and wind proof jacket for cold days and long mountain passes. I’m always looking for versatile clothing items that I can use for more than one purpose. In the past, I have used windbreakers that were both comfortable, well fitting, and of good quality. This winter however, my need for something warmer and sturdier has led me to something new: the Cannondale Pack Me Jacket. Interesting name, I know. I like the concept of a jacket that I can “pack me” away in, but that I can also pull out, shake off, and wear on a brief ride or a long journey.

My favorite features of this jacket are its lightweight nature and how easy it is to pack away. I’ve always been a fan of the simplicity of windbreakers and rain jackets. I love how they are even easier to carry when attached together, but I also dislike how thin they are. This jacket, however, takes the best of the two convenient features and combines them together. I can stuff this jacket, filled with all of the items I might need for a day on the road, into the front pocket. I can then put the jacket on and not feel weighed down by the all of the contents it contains, but still feeling as if I were fully prepared for the worst. In addition, I love that the jacket contains reflective bands on the front, back, and sleeves of the product. It is a great detail that really makes me feel safe and more visible when riding.


  • Combines the best of lightweight windbreaker and tougher coat together
  • Plenty of pockets for all items needed on a ride
  • Light enough to not feel weighed down
  • Reflective bands help make riders more visible


  • Would be better with a bit more coverage and additional sleeve detail
  • A bit dries on the inside when worn for long rides

I love the Cannondale Pack Me Jacket! This is a versatile jacket that can be worn in spring, fall, and winter. It’s lightness and small size make it a great jacket to store with other articles of cycling clothing, and its large pockets make it a useful item to own. I highly recommend that you add the Cannondale Pack Me Jacket to your cycling wardrobe.

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Cannondale Pack Me Jacket Review:

Size: The men’s and women’s jackets are identical but the women’s is made in smaller sizes, and I am reviewing the 0M, equivalent to a men’s medium.It comes in sizes 0S–2XL.

Weight: 8.6 ounces

Fabric: “Pack Light Plus” is a man-made fabric that Cannondale claims is “100% nylon… that provides lightweight, breathable protection from the rain, wind and elements.” It is 33% nylon and 67% polyester.

Pack-ability: Packs into its own front pocket.

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  • Packs into its own pocket
  • Reflective elements at back, front and sleeves
  • 3 large hand pockets

Sizing: I am a small/medium in most clothing, and the 0M was a perfect fit. If you are between sizes I would go down

Style: The styling is such that you can wear it all year round. I have been wearing it in 35-40 degree weather with just a long sleeve base layer and it’s been fine. It looks as good as it performs, and you will probably get lots of compliments.

Ventilation: While it’s not a gung ho jacket, it does have perforated arm panels to allow a bit of airflow, and it will be fine on mild days. There are also no seams across the back, for comfort.

Weather Protection: It’s a windbreaker/rain jacket, and will do just fine in the great majority of wet, cold days, with temperatures in the 40s and 50s (F). I have worn it under a hardshell and feel no cold or moisture getting through.

I have been looking for a great stretchy rain shell for over two years, and this is my favorite thus far. It’s super breathable, the perforated sleeves will allow for some additional airflow on hot summer days, and it’s plenty wind resistant. It will do just fine for anything winter has to throw at you, and that’s just what I need in a rain shell. I have worn it over a tee and with long sleeve base layers, and it has been comfortable in temperatures well below zero.

Cannondale Pack Me Jacket Review:

I’ve recently become addicted to running, and have been buying loads of gear to aid my new found hobby. I’ve always been a runner, but in the summer you can do it in shorts and a tee. Now that we’re getting into the winter months, I’ve had to upgrade my clothes. Here’s a review of a few items that I’m trying out.

Cannondale Packbriefs

I’m a big fan of biking gear and bib shorts, so to me a pair of bibs that have biking features is a no brainer. Cannondale just released their new bibs (men’s and women’s) with the same basic fabric and cut as the old pair, with two new features that, frankly are a no brainer. If you like biking shorts, you’ll like these.

Fabric: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex with an “Aqua Pad” crotch padding. I’m a bit OCD, so the fact that this is a Lycra/spandex blend is freaking awesome. I love Lycra. These have zero chafing on my legs, like my other biking bibs.

Sizing: They’re mediums, and fit me spot on. There’s a bunch of leg compression with these bibs, and the waist band is very soft.

Comfort: When I’m out on a road bike, I want to wear bicycle gear. I like to feel the wind on my legs, and know that if I crash, I will be better protected than I would be in cotton shorts. These bibs are about as bike specific as you can get, which keeps me focused when I’m out. They’re a bit heavy, and they’re not quite as hot as some of my other biking shorts, but with leg compression, it’s not the most noticeable.

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