Product Review: Michelin Dynamic Sport Road Bike Tyre

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A tough and reliable road bike tyre for everyday use, the Dynamic Sport model gives you the grip and durability you need for high mileage use. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly road tyre for commuting or training, this is an ideal option for those who ride regularly and for longer rides.

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Reasons To Buy:

  • Tough and reliable.
  • Suitable for everyday road bike use.
  • Fantastic grip and durability.
  • Affordable.
  • Features:
  • Tyre Type: Clincher
  • Bead Type: Folding
  • Casing: 3×30 tpi
  • Diameter: 622
  • Min-Max Pressure (bar): 6.0-8.0, 5.0-7.0, 4.0-6.0
  • Recommended Inner Tube: A1 or A2
  • Tubeless Compatible: No
  • Weight: 23c: 290g; 25c: 315g; 28c: 340g 

Michelin Dynamic Sport Review:


If you want a budget-friendly and versatile road bike tyre that offers more or less everything you need for your everyday riding, the Michelin Dynamic Sport ticks all the boxes. These tyres perform as you’d hope, giving you plenty of grip in both dry and wet conditions on and off-road. They are also tough and durable, thanks to the high abrasion-resistant nylon casing. As with all Michelin tyres, the Dynamic Sport is well-padded, so you don’t feel vibrations as much.


While the Michelin Dynamic Sport is less “bouncy” and cushioned than a performance-oriented tyre, the durable nylon casing does a fine job of protecting you from vibrations during your rides. If you’re in it for the long haul, these tyres will keep you rolling comfortably at your preferred speed.


These tyres are very tough and durable. If you want a durable road bike tyre that can withstand the pressures of everyday commuting and training, be sure to choose the Michelin Dynamic Sport. Come rain or shine, these patches will hold up well.


If you’re looking for a versatile and long-lasting tyre for your road bike, make sure you get the Michelin Dynamic Sport. Compared to many other top brands, the Dynamic Sport offers just as much comfort and longevity, but for a fraction of the price. If you’re looking for a long-term tyre with no major pressure, this is an excellent choice.

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Michelin Dynamic Sport Review:

The Michelin Dynamic Sport is a tough, highly durable road bike tyre for everyday use, no matter if you ride for fun or for sport. Unlike many top brands, the Dynamic Sport doesn’t cost a fortune, so if you’re looking for a long-lasting, budget-friendly tyre to take your riding to the next level, these tyres are for you.

There are features that are common among many brands of road bike tyre. Tire width is commonly 700C x 23mm, 25mm, 26mm, or 700c x 28mm. Tyre age can be classified as either all-weather, all-sport, all-season, or simply as a year model. A rating system has been created to compare the durability of road bike tyres that uses the letters A, B, C, D, and E, with A being the best. This classification system was developed by the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation (ETRTO).

Tyre width can greatly influence the handling and speed of the bicycle. The width gives the tyre a larger contact patch with the ground, thus increasing the rolling resistance. The larger contact patch also means more area for the cyclist to lean into the corner while increasing the traction. The larger contact patch also gives the rider more cushion while they pedal, which is appreciated by the over-three-hundred-mile riders and some who are just plain out-of-shape.

Many people don’t mind riding a bicycle on slick surfaces such as wooden paths and sidewalks when the weather gets bad, that is why all-weather and all-season is used to describe the tyres. This can also cause an improvement in cornering because of the larger contact patch that helps the rider lean into the corner. The larger contact patch also means more area for the cyclist to lean into the corner while increasing the traction.

As for road bike tyre age, the ETRTO has developed a rating system. The ratings follow the format of XXaYaaZaa where XX is the date of manufacturing of the tyre, a is the speed rating, Yaa is the tyre construction, and Zaa is the load index rating. The speed rating of a tyre is associated with the maximum speed that a tyre can travel when the tyre is in a straight line. The ETRTO recommends that cyclists should not exceed 90 percent of the tyre’s speed rating on the back of the tyre. The construction of a tyre can be natural or synthetic, and this influences its life and performance. The load index is associated with the weight of the cyclist and the bike. A higher number on the load index means that the tyre is strong.

The sidewalls of the tyre can be constructed of rubber, nylon, or fabric, and they serve a vital purpose. The first purpose is to give the tyre a different surface area from the tread, thus letting the tyre roll after having been in a corner or after having gone over a bump. The sidewalls are also responsible for letting the rider lean into the corner while keeping their feet planted on the pedal. Sidewalls can also support the edge of the tread blocks, thus increasing the grip on the ground.

In a tubeless road bike tyre, a liquid sealant is put inside a tyre before it is mounted onto the wheel of a bicycle. Although they have the same functions as any other road bike tyre, they have no inner tube and doughnut-shaped bead. They have the advantages of a lower rolling resistance and improved traction on pavement. They are more expensive than road bike tyres with inner tubes but are much cheaper than a complete tubular road bike tyre setup.

Both tubeless and inner tube wheels are built with a White Industries ENO or Campagnolo free hub. A typical wheel lasts between 2,000 and 3,000 kilometers.

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