Product Review: Mavic XM319 Disc MTB Rim 2015

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The go anywhere, mid-range disc rim. Wide enough to allow the use of large volume tyres, eyeleted for more durability, solidly pin joined and especially designed to withstand the stress of disc brakes, XM 319 Disc will bring you anywhere.

Wide enough to allow the use of large volume tyres, eyeleted for more durability, solidly pin joined and especially designed to withstand the stress of disc brakes, XM 319 Disc will bring you anywhere.

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  • Wider rim to use large volume tyres:
  • New 19c rim extrusion
  • Contained weight
  • Strong:
  • Crossride 11 style rim extrusion
  • Pinned joint and eyeleted
  • 622x19C, compatible with wide AM tyres
  • 6106 aluminium alloy
  • Pinned
  • Traditional drilling
  • Single eyelet
  • Tubetype
  • Disc
  • Weight: 490 grams
  • ETRTO compatible size: 559 x 19
  • Recommended tyre widths: 1.50 to 2.30
  • Valve hole diameter: 8.5mm, supplied with valve adapter
  • Recommended nipple length: 12mm
  • Recommended rim tape: 559 x 20 x 0.6

Mavic Xm319 Review:

  • Easy to find, feel lighter. True claim on weight.
  • Look amazing.
  • Two spares, plus rubber rim strip.
  • Super easy to change the tubes.
  • The spacer in the valve hole is a nice touch.
  • Weighs about 20 grams less than my old Sun Ringle Rhyno lite.
  • Fantastic price for a nice set of wheels.
  • 15g under listed weight.
  • 20mm wide, tubeless friendly.

Never use discs, but these are easy to change (relatively) and the wheels look super awesome.

I can’t take away anything from the Mavic XM319 since it is a wheel and wheel is a wheel. It’s light, it’s strong, the aesthetics are sweet and it’s a good tubeless rim. There are some disc specific features that separate it from the cross wheel, but they are far more similar than anything else. Mavic has found a good sizing, weight and balancing point for this rim and I’m actually surprised it was an (almost) no-brake rim. Nowadays, it’s hard to not want to send a wheel off with a drum brake and screw in the end of the spokes, but I am glad to have the option of not having to bite my tongue.

The Mavic XM319 is a good quality rim with strong (comparatively) spoke holes and weighs less than advertised. If you are looking for a spoked rim to go tubeless, this is for you. If you are looking for a disc specific wheel this isn’t the wheel for you. The plus points are great for any wheel, the wheel is strong and uses rims that will treat you well. The price is a little hard to swallow, but the fact that it’s a cross riding, tubless 559x19C is actually a big plus.

A single eyelet and 602x19C is backwards compatible with a lot of rims and you really should evaluate whether you will use the disc brake prior to purchase.

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Mavic Xm319 Review:

  • The very good:
  • They look awesome.
  • The rims are wide and tubeless.
  • The rims are light.
  • The spokes are beefy and the joints are reinforced.
  • They are wide enough for tubliss and disc.
  • The eyelet is cool.
  • They are cheap.
  • They are comparable to my canti laced Ryno lite’s, just better.
  • The tolerances are tight and the rims feel solid.
  • The cross looks sweet, as do the spokes.
  • The value: since these are a mid-range disc rim the price is fantastic.
  • They are reasonably light for a rim that can take a disc brake.
  • The disc section is a nice touch and sure to add value.
  • They work with a lot of wheels.
  • The very bad:
  • The price.
  • Tubeless easily, but you need to add sealant.
  • No extras with these rims, save for what comes on Mavic’s site.
  • If you have a standard HO brake, these aren’t for you.
  • The disc brake adapter is paint and engineering smart, but they could be stronger.
  • Not everyone is going to like the weight.
  • The proprietary disc brake is a great addition to the rim, but it’s just not needed by everyone.

Mavic Xm319 Review:

Good rim, good price, definitely better than I was expecting. I am super impressed with the rim and definitely would recommend these. If you are looking for a disc rim and don’t want to overspend, look no further.

Mavic Xm319 Review:

I was super-impressed by the XM 319 Disc. It’s clear that the engineers at Mavic know what they’re doing. They’re clearly informed, technically astute people who know how to build a rim. The art of manufacturing is a lost one and I’m glad to see it alive and well. They’ve utilized known technology and pushed it in a few places to get the most out of a mid-range rim. I’m a rim might. But I am. I’ve used a lot of rims in my time and I’ve seen a lot of rims in my time. The XM319 is a great rim.

Mavic XM 319 Disc Review:

My first impressions were pretty good, nice build quality and they are actual labelled as a 622×19 rim. However as soon as I got them on a scale they were pretty heavy coming in at 556g for the pair, including rim tape and 14g carbon nipples.

Then I go to test them out on the trail, and I gave them a bit of a tough time at first, putting them on my light cross bike, as well as my old steel hardtail and was a bit worried by the results.

I was interested in the single eyelet, and was hoping for a bit of a secure feeling rim, but I’m not sure how a single eyelet helps you much when the rim is 556g.

I’ve also noticed on the back of the rim that they said they’re mountain bike rims, not cross rims, which is a bit confusing to me when they have lots of cross rims with lots of eyelets.

I’m not sure if they’re just trying to increase their sales numbers, or if they just forgot to put the cross part on the back of the rim.

The best way to test these on the trail was to throw a 29er on the bike and see how they’re ride quality was, and they were pretty nice.

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