The Best Of Troy Lee Designs Clothing And Apparel

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Troy Lee Designs has retained its stand out position in the increasingly busy market of mountain biker apparel choices. Thanks to their motocross background, they really did hit the ground running and now manufacture some of the most high-end mountain bike apparel on the market. Furthermore, their clothing is now popular in the all-mountain and trail/enduro market as well.

This year, they have a more versatile clothing lineup than ever. Indeed, it’s easy to be paralyzed with over analysis here – spending as much time in your search for the best as you do on your bike. With the immense number of choices you have, finding the right gear might seem like an overwhelming task. We’ve tried to narrow it down a bit with our top choices from Troy Lee Designs (2018) in this list.

Troy Lee Designs A2 Decoy MIPS MTB Helmet

Troy Lee Designs A2 Decoy MIPS MTB Helmet

The A2 MIPS helmet provides high-quality protection and outstanding ventilation to its wearers. It makes the perfect snap choice for those who don’t mind spending a bit more money for a helmet that could potentially last the rest of their lives. The EPS and EPP foam make it very stable and able to handle lower speed impacts without rocking backwards or forwards on your head. We’ve found very few materials absorb impact as well as EPS does and would recommend you look for it in helmets wherever you can. The helmet’s rear drops behind the skull, so it fully covers your head with thick yet surprisingly light material and plenty of padding. In its entirety, the A2 Decoy MIPS is very lightweight, has huge ventilation shafts and offers complete protection for your brain (Look up CTE – it’s important). We are sold on it, as it is easily one of the best Troy Lee Designs has produced yet.

Troy Lee Designs Air Glove

We all have special preferences about how our gloves should feel and grip. Riders have been complaining for years about what they want, and TLD has listened. They have sharpened their focus in their creation of the Air Gloves, using their long years of experience. The gloves have a very thin fit on the inside that gives you a ‘free’ and almost gloveless feel. At the same time having enough protection to fend off sharp objects (we tested with a cheese grater to prove the point). Moreover, these gloves are constructed from perforated synthetic leather palm (which will mold to your hand over time) and spandex body. In terms of style we have no complaints, TLD has done the graphics as effectively as we have come to expect, year after year.

Troy Lee Designs D3 Composite – Corona Red

The D3 helmet has a hefty price, but it is more than justified. It is the class leader in safety and the best 0-pivot reliable full face mask we’ve experienced. With a light titanium frame, wind tunnel tested design and additional EPS padding, this helmet has one of the safest designs on the market; it also has a very cool and aggressive look with the sharp, clean lines that we can see on many of TLD’s products. The special considerations that go beyond the basic functionality of the keeping the rider alive are most of what takes this helmet above the rest – for example purpose built cavities so you can listen to music while you ride and a removable, washable liner to prevent any smell from building up. The final thing that should be noted in this helmet are the quick release cheek pads that allow for safe removal of the helmet from the head in an emergency – and the additional spare visor that comes with for when your first one inevitably breaks. With all this in mind it is clear to us why this helmet is one of the favorites of Red Bull Rampage (First Place), the World Cup (First Place) and even Olympic BMX (First Place).

Troy Lee Designs Sprint Jersey


This extremely function-orientated and versatile jersey is perfectly suited for BMX, downhill, enduro and even day to day use. It offers pleasant airflow and unrestricted movement. Moreover, it seems to perfectly regulate the rider’s temperature, thanks to the targeted stretch and ventilation panels. The 4-way stretch mesh collar (a favorite of troy lee designs we have noticed) adds to its comfort, allowing you to forget about this aspect of your ride, safe in the knowledge you’re as comfortable as you possibly can be. Furthermore, the simple but effective graphics of the 2017 version along with the discount price (since the emergence of the 2018 version) also makes this our favorite for value.


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Written by Johnathan Hanson

Enduro and DH Mountain bike enthusiast.

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