Best Downhill Mountain Biking Jerseys – Our Top Picks Of 2018

Best Downhill Mountain Biking Jerseys

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Mountain biking doesn’t require more than a good bike and (debatably) some protective gear. You can do it in a simple cotton t-shirt, or even your Grandpa’s sweater if you so desired – thankfully there are options that are light years better, both from the perspective of style and not dying of heat exhaustion and/or dehydration. Good jerseys are the often forgotten component of  a ride that look after you in a way that no fork, grip, shock or tyre can. They keep you much more comfortable by channeling your sweat away – keeping you cool and ventilated. There is an overwhelming number of choices on the market while you’re shopping for jerseys. You have countless materials, styles and unique attributes to choose from, forcing some tough decisions. So, we composed this list of the best downhill mountain biking jerseys of 2018 to help you out.

Nukeproof Blackline Long Sleeve Jersey – Corp

 A long-sleeve jersey designed for the trail, offering you pleasant airflow and complete freedom of movement.  The low back end of the jersey offers extra coverage, along with a full mesh back and underarm. Moreover, the S.Café fabric works perfectly with the airflow-increasing design, ensuring that sweat will not bother you for long. These features make it a solid choice for the most aggressive of riders on the hottest of days.

Troy Lee Designs Ruckus 50/50 Jersey 

Hard downhill rides cause you to sweat an unbelievable volume of water, Troy Lee have clearly taken this into account in their Ruckus jersey with an effective moisture-wicking fabric. It’s near perfect for aggressive riders who need to keep cool and dry during rough rides. Troy Lee Designs played pretty successfully with the colors too this year, using two tones and giving it an unobtrusive but unique style. The Ruckus 50/50 jersey has everything most riders are looking  for (often without realizing it) – the crew neck, ¾ sleeves and the durable back pocket all add up to a piece of clothing that will quickly become one of your essentials, we’ve found ourselves reaching for it even on days we didn’t ride as a more protective and breathable T-shirt alternative.

100% R-Core-X DH Jersey

​When you don’t want to be burdened with unnecessary weight, the 100% R-Core-X DH Jersey is your best friend on this list. You barely notice the fact you’re wearing it, as it’s the lightest jersey on this already super lightweight list. Moreover, it will still do its job well, keeping you comfortable and fresh throughout a whole day of hard shredding. The 100% R-Core-X DH is an increasingly popular choice for downhill racing enthusiasts. The 4-way stretch material will ensure an aerodynamic fit and maximum freedom of movement. To top it off, it also comes in three different color schemes and designs. This jersey has definitely earned its place as one of the growing favorites in competitive downhill racing.​​

​​Troy Lee Designs Sprint Jersey

​​Downhill riders who want to keep their gear and style lean and simple have been delighted by sprint jerseys ever since Troy Lee Designs began producing them. They’ve been reliably breathable and comfortable from the start. We believe this can be attributed to their stretchy sides and mesh arms. Furthermore, the 4-way stretch rear mesh collar and the 100% polyester material gives an instantly pleasing fit. It also features targeted ventilation and stretch panels that ensure you’re as cool as possible during a demanding downhill ride.​​ It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a tighter (without feeling tight), more minimalistic look that most riders will envy.


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Written by Johnathan Hanson

Enduro and DH Mountain bike enthusiast.

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