Safety Tips for Working Out Alone at Home

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Working out at home has plenty of benefits, but one downside is that you probably find yourself working out at home on your own often. This can present some dangers, but there are some safety measures you can take so you can keep making progress. Keep reading to get some safety tips for working out alone at home.  

Use Machines 

The biggest worry when it comes to working out on your own is not being able to get the weight back up. If you are looking to build a home gym, chances are you will probably be working out by yourself, but there’s still a small chance for injury. Working out on machines might not be the most appealing thing to do, but it allows you to still go hard and have an easier chance at avoiding injury.  

Don’t Go for Personal Records 

The number one thing you should not do when you are working out alone is try setting personal records when it comes to weightlifting. When you do this, there’s a chance that you might not be able to make it up on your own, so it’s best not to try this when you are at home on your own.  

Ask for a Spot 

However, working out at home alone doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t aim to achieve personal records. In fact, all you need to do is ask for someone you live with to spot you if possible. Having someone there to help you get the weight back up is the best way to reach your goals and avoid a serious injury if you don’t have a machine.  

Focus on Form 

Instead of trying to go for your max, our next safety tip for working out at home alone is for you to take the time when you are working out by yourself and to focus on your form. A common mistake people make when they workout is that they focus too much on the weight they are lifting instead of on performing the exercise correctly. Proper form will work out your muscle groups far more than adding a ton of weight and having bad form, in addition to being a much safer alternative.  

Written by Kevin O'Neill

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