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Why Should You Balance Nutrition and Fitness?

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Keeping your body healthy isn’t just about changing your eating habits, nor do you necessarily need to start an exercise routine. Health is all-encompassing and requires a balance between nourishing our mind and body. And when it comes to exercise, you need to balance nutrition and fitness to meet your health goals. Keep reading this article to learn more about the relationship between diet and exercise.

Food Is Fuel

Most trainers advise against jumping into a cardio routine on an empty stomach because your body needs energy. Instead, you should eat plenty of carbs because your body metabolizes them quickly, which gives you the burst of energy you need.

Neglecting to eat the right foods can make it much harder to find the motivation and push forward during your exercise. Our bodies crave nutrients, and those vitamins provide the fuel we need to get in an incredible workout.

Fitness Tip

Aim for complex carbs like whole-grain bread, fruits, and vegetables. These types of food contain carbohydrates as well as other vitamins our bodies need, so they take longer to metabolize, unlike the simple carbs found in white bread. Of course, white bread is great if you need a quick burst of energy!

Balanced Macros Means Meeting Goals

You should eat all types of food—protein, carbs, and natural fats—depending on your fitness goals. For example, most powerlifters consume higher amounts of natural fats and protein to build muscle, but runners eat a diet higher in carbs.

Keep in mind that all our bodies are different, and the macronutrients needed for person A aren’t the same as person B. Usually, it’s best to get a custom macro plan from a fitness trainer as they can help you design a plan based on your metabolism, fitness goals, and dietary preferences.

You’ll Feel Better

When you don’t eat enough but do a lot of physical activity, you may feel sluggish and irritated because your body doesn’t have the energy it needs to function. By balancing your caloric needs with your fitness routine, you’ll feel better post-workout and get a better night of rest. Remember, food is energy, and you’ll need to refuel after working your body so that muscles can repair themselves.

Nutrients Keep Our Body Functioning

The final thing to note about the relationship between nutrition and exercise is that different nutrients give our bodies the necessary items to thrive. For example, calcium helps keep our bones and muscles strong, which is vital to anyone who enjoys rigorous activities. Plus, natural fats—monounsaturated fats—help regulate our hormonal levels. No aspect of health trumps another because health is about fueling our mind and body with the things it needs to flourish.

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