Product Review: Spank Oozy Trail 295 Bead Bite MTB Wheelset

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Spank Industries’ All New Oozy Trail295 Bead Bite wheelsets are a revolution in MTB Tubeless Ready design.

With an ultrawide profile of 29.5mm outer width/24.5mm inner spread, and a remarkably low weight starting at just 1660g (26″), the Oozy Trail295 stands alone in the world of strength to weight ratio. Built with 28H Straightpull hubs, triple butted spokes, alloy nipples and alloy freehubs to provide rock solid performance in an ultralite complete assembly. However the patent pending “Bead Bite” profile really sets these wheels apart. Bead Bite rims have 6 sets of tiny ridges along both bead seats, 3 on the vertical faces and 3 on the horizontal. As the tire bead is forced into the bead seat, it conforms into these ridges, creating 12 effective air seals, and at the same time lockng the bead in place. By stabalizing the tire bead, the Oozy Trail295 Bead Bite provides heightened tire side wall integrity, and allows tires to be run at much lower air pressures, with reduced risk of “burps” or pinch flats.

Spank Oozy Trail 295 Review:

We’ve had these wheels for almost a year now, and were getting ready to put in a new pair of rubber when we decided to record this podcast. After this review, we considered doing a follow-up podcast, but decided it would just be more of the same glowing praise, so for now we’ll leave it right here.

A late add to the line up and I’ve only gotten to ride it a couple of times, but I loved having the slack and long wheel base for flowing downhill. After years of riding and breaking the same rim on every bike, I now feel that I am a wheel aficionado.

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Specialized 2.3 Big Betty Tires:

I love these tires. They are light, fast rolling and are tubeless with great pressure. Specialized Carbon Componentry – Carbon 750 bars, 35mm stem, carbon seatpost and seat. The new 29er FS MTB is a very welcome addition to the line up.

Intense Carbon 29er: First impressions

This is a dream bike. I feel like I could ride this all day! This bike is great. This is my first FS bike and I love it. Even though it is snowing where I live, I am lucky to live very close to the States and my duties require me to ride a lot.

Spank Oozy Trail 295 Review:

I only got to ride the Oozy 295’s once, so maybe this video will be in need of a follow-up. Specialized did a great job with the design. I liked the tighter profile, it feels stiff and sturdy.

Specialized Roll Elite Wheel:

Great wheelset, I’ve nurtured plenty of them and will continue using them, over and over. The Scratch 29er is a good bike. It rides well and there is plenty of room to grow for me to get stronger. I am excited about using it more and getting stronger.

Before I rode the Carbon 29er I had zero experience with 29er FS bikes. Now I really like them and they are great to ride. I feel like I could go down hill all day and faster rolling, smoother lands will help my climbing.

I am not sure what I am going to do with my old bike once I have a nice new bike to ride, but I’ll figure something out. Huge thanks to the following for their support:

Wilks Properties:

Wilks Properties resides in the heart of the Flathead Lake area providing cutting edge lodging and dining for all your vacations needs.

Spank Industries:

Spank Industries has really been kicking some butt with some great innovations in biking, check out what they have going on here: Spank Industries

Specialized Bicycles:

Specialized Bicycles has been a mainstay sponsor of Bike Diction for some time now. You won’t find better inbike products nor will you find a better community of bike lovers!

Rudy Project:

Rudy Project, from glasses to helmets. You won’t find better. I’m pleased to be one of the guys riding for Rudy Project, and I look forward to using their great products.

Ride 100+ miles per week? Get a Hydration Bottle. This one looks good, so get one! Anybody riding for Rudy Project should check out this competition.

I was very pleased to find that the Carbine 29er FS comes in a size S for a shorter rider like myself. I was even more pleased to learn that the frame itself is not only purpose built, but that it is compatible with a fork from the Canyon Spectral, which I already have in a size L.

MTB 29er Dirt Jumps:

These are some fun to ride and great to race.

Intense Carbine Carbon 29er Review:

This is a great bike for rides like this, and will be getting it’s first ride at the Skeena this summer. I had the chance to ride both bikes this year. The Carbine is really a great enduro bike.

My good friend Shawn has been riding the Intense Cyclone SL 29er for a little while now, and I was able to get in a little riding with him on the B.C. Coast. This bike is really sweet. I wonder how much of it has to do with riding it on the dirt, and how much of it is the bike itself.

Shawn and I raced the Trek Red Truck at the BC Bike Race and had the chance to ride some British Columbian trails.

Spank Oozy Trail 295 Review:

Spank Industries has been doing some innovative things as of late, including the ultra-lightweight, ultra-strong Oozy Trail 295. This is a great MTB wheel for smaller riders.

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