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Product Review: Product Review: 7 iDP Transition Knee Pads

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The new Transition knee slip on pad provides low profile protection that protects and can be packed up small to stow away in backpacks or even jersey pockets. Minimal Protection at its best.


  • Rollable and stowable size
  • Low weight, high strength flexible 1mm cap for superior fit and leg movement
  • Double layer custom foam to increase air flow and reduce weight
  • Compression fit
  • A combination of Poly/Spandex and 4 way stretch mesh provide great fit and ventilation
  • Designed beyond CE EN 1621/1 standard to ensure maximum protection

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7idp Transition Knee Pads Review:

Rad and I test rode our mountain bikes quite a bit this summer. Wherever we rode Rad did most of the testing and analysis of all the new products. He tends to think more about the product anyway during the riding. And he always has plenty to say about everything. So much so that he has been known to disturb the local townsfolk in restaurants when he is trying to get some of his thoughts out. Typically he will call me on his iPhone for some help in the word selection process. That all comes in handy when I am writing about his equipment or anything else.

I have ridden with him enough to recognize which products stand out as super cool, and deserve a few words, and then some. The 7 iDP Transition knee pads fall into that category. So I figured I would ask him for a quick review.

I got the chance to try these out because they are knee pads, and “Kneepads for Dummies” has been one of my goals as a mountain biker for the past few years. It is a big part of protecting yourself on the down and while hiking in. Every downhill worth riding has sections that you ride more of a skateboard style to pick up some extra speed. And there are rocks and logs along the way that can easily tear up your elbows and knees. And if you do fall on your back there is often a quick transfer to the ground that can cause some serious bruising. Protect those elbows and knees!

And pads are a lot lighter and take up much less space than a full on knee brace.

I shoot a lot of footage as we go riding in the woods. And it is a pain to jam a knee brace down your pant leg if you need it for protection. And even when it is on they are kind of awkward to manage. But the knee pads I have worn before are pretty bulky as well. I tried the Transition pads out last week. They have a lightweight pad that fits pretty close, and is easy to manage. I don’t feel the need for the full on knee brace or even a bigger knee pad on the downtube. They are great for the descents and the hikes in. And I don’t need to adjust them much at all.

For how much protection they offer they are incredibly portable. Even in a loose jersey pocket as we ride. They are pretty easy to pull on and off right when you need them.

The strap is great for helping to keep them in place. It isn’t hard to adjust at all when you are riding.

The pad itself is not huge and bulky. It is pretty lightweight and thin, but still covers the area I need it to. It is flexible but still gives you the impact protection you need.

They come in a bag that is pretty easy to store also. As long as it is tucked away in your pack it is very easy to find when you need it.

I love how light and thin they are. I might even wear them running, with out the bike.

They are great for protecting my knees when they are exposed in a crash or a hike out. I feel like they did their job well

If you are looking for knee pads that are really light, and easy to use, check these out. They come in a bag so that you can easily stow them away. And I will feel better about my wounds.

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Written by Mark Adams

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