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Product Review: Crank Brothers Gem Mini Pump – Small

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The short dual piston pump with high pressure air switch and reversible internal head.


  • Length: 176mm
  • Pressure: 100+psi/7+bar
  • Air switch: high volume/high pressure
  • Weight: 128g
  • Warranty: 5 years

Crank Brothers Gem Pump Review:

The product review was written by the support team.

Value for money

The product is completely imported from China. This means that there won’t be any warranty and there will be no chances of repairing or replacing the components. It also means that you’ll receive the device without any assistance upon delivery.

On the other hand, the product comes on a simple silicone carry pouch. But still, the user’s manual is in Chinese.

Looking deeper

(a) Quality Design

The product design is pretty straightforward, following the basic footprint of the crankbrothers Gem Pump, except for the fact that the screws are hexagons. The handle is made out of ABS caselike material with internal springs inside.

The molded plastic bottom (the rubber feet) is comfortable and has enough of a grip for the user.

The product has a satisfactory weight balance. This makes it easy for the user to hold it securely.

(b) High-pressure and Pump-Mode

The product features a classic suction diaphragm pump and a high-pressure air switch which can be switched to enable it for high-pressure pumping or vice versa.

The device works with 100 psi and 7.5 bar of pressure and comes with a loop cord to economically connect it to your vaporizer.

(c) Suitable for Drip or Hot Pulses

The product has a non-slip handle that has an ergonomic grip, making the user feel comfortable when holding or moving the device. This also keeps them from dropping it when making vapor.

(d) Easy to Carry

The product is quite small and lightweight. The user’s manual contains only a few pages, and it’s also in Chinese. The handle is located close to the end. The nozzle is also conveniently located close to the handle.

The device is very light. The weight is 128 grams, which is actually quite light. If you’ve ever used a Chinese herbal vaporizer, you’ll know that the heat from the herbal will sometimes boil the oil in the vessel.

But if you’re using a hot herbal device, the boiling will be manageable for a beginner who is not used to hot vaporizers.

(e) Suitable for Alternative Vaporization Methods

Unmodified, the head of this vaporizer is suitable for both herbal/vaporizing herbs or hot herbal vaporizations. You might have also used a grind chamber nail gun before. But the use of a grind tip can still be done up to a certain extent. However, if you have any common crisis with your herb container and are not sure how much pressure the chamber still fits, you can also use the new Gem Mini Pump, which has a more suitable and regulated air adjustment than the grind chamber nail gun.

(f) Fast Assembly

The crankbrothers Gem Mini Pump works perfectly when put together.

Comparing it with a grind chamber nail gun:

(Source: Value Radar)

Merchandise image


  • This is a list of the features presented by the grind chamber nail gun.
  • Suction power: 10 turns of the handle with high pressure air switch
  • Head: 2 chambers and 1 handle per chambers
  • Air adjustment: high pressure/high volume switch


  • lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Room for grind chamber


  • No Warranty

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Crank Brothers Gem Pump Review:

The customer support team has translated the user’s manual.


The bottom section of the product is long enough to accommodate an 18mm grind chamber. However, American users will need to be careful because there will be no spare port in the side.

Crank Brothers Gem Mini Pump Overview :


The product is sold for $20.99, which means that you’ll get a 5-year warranty with it. That being said, the cheapest price that any online store in the US offers it is $19.99. This means that the product is either overpriced or underpriced.


The length of the crankbrothers Gem Mini Pump is 176mm. Thus, it is long enough for an 18mm grind chamber.


The weight of the product is only 128 grams. That’s exceptionally light for such a powerful vaporizer. This means that you won’t tire easily seeing the vaporize with it.

The speed with which the vaporizer heats up is also extremely fast, which allows users to vaporize at a very high speed.

The view of the vaporizer

The top of the crankbrothers Gem Mini Pump is not very useful because there is no easy access to it. You’ll have to use a screwdriver to turn it.

In addition, there is no support provided with it in the way of a carrying bag or a carrying handle.

The bottom section of the crankbrothers Gem Mini Pump has a strong suction power that allows the user to vaporize rapidly.

With the use of a grind chamber, however, the vaporizer cools down very quickly, which causes the vapor to burn. Therefore, you’ll want to store the product when making vapor.


We made a sketch to represent the size of an 18mm grind chamber. Please note that it is not a scale representation. The table below is an approximation.

The top of the crankbrothers Gem Mini Pump is a rounded shape. The handle is permanently attached to the body of the product.

The top section of the product is long enough to accommodate an 18mm grind chamber. However, American users will need to be careful because there will be no spare port in the side.

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