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The Top Three Enduro Mountain Bike Forks Of 2018 – Our Top Picks



One of the most important parts on your trusty mountain bike, the suspension fork was the key advancement that brought mountain biking forwards and distanced it from the roads. Today suspension forks and their technology play as big a part as ever in the mountain biking scene and keeping up with their rapid developments has become essential for any enduro rider whether you wish to compete or ride for fun. The necessity of forks that give the rider good stability, handling and confidence inspiring comfort has given rise to a high price point so making the correct decision should be a priory. Thus here are our top three picks for the best enduro forks of 2018.

Manitou Mattoc Pro (Best value of the year) Image result for Manitou Mattoc Pro 2018

Manitou’s new axel design is far more practical than previous models and gave it the boost that dropped it in this list where its predecessors failed. The Mattoc is still comprised of a hollow fork crown, the standard tapered steerer and 34mm stations with a lighter wall to try and hit the balance between keeping the weight low while retaining the stiffness. What’s more with the new IRT, progressiveness of the shock can be altered with nothing more than a humble shock pump. The fork has all the adjustments you could ask for on an industry leader, with the only downside being that they can be a bit fiddley to operate when out on the trail. The IRT gives plenty of support, contributing to a fork that is slick and supple, keeping you grounded over slippery and gnarly terrain. What the fork lacks in stiffness it makes up for in price, weight and adjustability making it one of the all-round best forks and the best entry level enduro fork of 2018.

Buy the Mattock.

Fox 36 Float FIT4 Factory (Best fork of the year) 

Image result for fox float factory 36

The Fox 36 forks have become an industry standard for enduro forks with their iconic Kashmir stations and pinch bolts. The fox 36 offers unparalleled stiffness which makes it a favourite with more aggressive riders, it may need some tuning as the manual may not give an ideal setup – however once this is over with the fork sticks your tire to the ground like glue and the connection to the rider is solid as you’d expect from a fork that has been the favourite of competitive racers for many years. It gives you ideal traction and with a stiffer setup allows you to smoothly eat up the most rugged and rough terrain. We’d suggest the damping could be slightly lower as this would allow for a wider use of the different settings but fine tuning your setup will easily compensate for this. All in all these forks deliver buttery smooth, stable reliability as one of cornerstones of not only the Fox brand but the entire market for enduro forks.

Buy the Fox Float FIT4.

Rock Shox Lyric RCT3 (Best fork under 700)

Image result for Rockshox Lyrik RCT3

Reminding us of the classic Rock Shox Pike the Lyric is the bigger brother of one of the best forks ever made by RockShox (arguably ever made anywhere). With its glistening black stanchions, Maxle lowers and renowned RCT3 damper it has all the look and sound of a class leading fork. Despite being stiffer, stronger and longer than the Pike the meaty Lyric is just over 100 grams heavier – making it surprisingly light. Rock Shox has even managed to stretch it to a 180mm travel version, furthermore in contrast to the fox fork it is incredibly easy to set up. We’d say the grip is slightly less than you would get on the fox and its recovery on big hits at speed wasn’t quite as good. Despite this arguably for the money (the reduced price that it is now available to be bought at) the Lyric blows the Fox fork and any others out the water with its ride quality at the lower price point.

Buy the Lyric.

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