Endurance Training Workouts for Your Next Mountain-Biking Trip

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Are you planning a mountain biking trip, but are worried about pushing through to the end? Are you worried that you may not have it in you to complete the trip?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Mountain biking can be difficult and requires a lot of endurance. Thankfully, we have a solution!

Mountain biking can be a super rewarding sport that allows you to get exercise while experiencing beautiful sceneries. Don’t let your endurance levels stop you from getting out on your bike. 

Need to build endurance for mountain biking? Here are some endurance training workouts for your next big mountain trip. 

What Are Endurance Training Workouts?

Building your endurance means you are building your ability to withstand tough and unpleasant circumstances. Not to be confused with stamina, which measures your athletic abilities. 

Endurance training workouts will increase your ability to withstand physical hardships. This makes it an important part of mountain bike training. Increasing your endurance levels will make the sport more enjoyable for you.

Understanding what exactly endurance is will help you be able to better achieve your goals and have great mountain biking experiences. 

Get Out on Your Bike

Of course, the best practice for biking is, well, biking! If you are training for a big trip and need to incorporate endurance training, push yourself on longer and harder rides every time you get out on your bike. 

It won’t be fun at first, but you will see results quickly and notice that you can go longer and up harder paths. Enjoy the process and go on fun practice rides.

It’s important to work out your “bike riding” muscles so that they will not be strained during your big trip. Riding a bike is, of course, the best way to do that!

Switch Up Your Routine

You can give some of your muscles a break by switching up your strength endurance training method. Try going on a high-intensity hike to work out your legs and build strength. 

You can also try going on long climbing trips. This will help you gain grip strength, which will make your hands more comfortable on your big bike trip. 

Climbing will also strengthen your legs, core, and arms. It requires you to use a lot of your muscles at once, so it is a great endurance training workout. You will see your endurance improve quickly if you climb a couple of times a week!

Home Workouts

If the weather doesn’t permit any high-intensity endurance training outdoors, there are home workouts you can do to prepare you for your bike trip. These workouts will work the muscles that you will use when biking. 

Here are some ways you can prepare for your bike trip at home:

Wrist stretches and exercises. Just like grip strength, wrist strength is important for long bike rides. It will keep your hands from going numb when doing high-intensity rides for long periods of time. 

Lunges are a great way to stretch out your quads and engage your core, which are both frequently used when mountain biking. 

Burpees are a great way to work out your whole body and give you training in high bursts of energy. This will prepare your body for harder mountain biking terrains. 

Back extension exercises. These will work your lower back and core, giving you the strength you need to be in an uncomfortable biking position all day. This exercise is important if you plan on long distances. 

Planking is a great way to increase your core strength. Building solid core strength will help you endure harder situations where your whole body is engaged. 

Use weights for strength endurance training to build stronger muscles in your legs and core. Building leg muscle will help you to get up steep hills and push harder for longer. 

On Your Down Days

It is important to take rest days to allow your body to regenerate and refresh itself, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything. A great way to stay active on your rest days is to do some low-impact sports or activities. 

Going on a long, low-intensity walk will keep your muscles moving and active but not strain them to the point where you still training. 

Golfing is an excellent sport to pick up for when you want to exercise but don’t want to push yourself too hard. You can find a local golf course near you and enjoy a relaxing and fun day off from bike training and still get exercise.

You can go swimming to work out your whole body but still keep it low intensity.  This will also be a very relaxing activity after a long week of endurance training exercises.

Another thing you should do on your rest days is meal plan and prep. Making sure you are getting the right nutrients and calorie intake is an important part of endurance training and will give you the fuel you need to push harder.

Be Prepared for Your Mountain Biking Trip

Mountain biking can be an exhilarating and hugely rewarding sport, but it definitely has its challenges. Endurance training workouts will help you to make sure you are prepared for your mountain biking trips and adventures. 

Doing high-intensity training and endurance strength workouts will give your body the power to accomplish big biking goals, and help you to enjoy the process of it. 

Don’t let your current endurance levels get you down. With these endurance training exercises, you can achieve any of your athletic goals!

For more tips about mountain biking and outdoor sports, check out more on our blog!

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