Why Colorado Is a Top Vacation Destination

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Colorado has been the hub of entertainment for some time—and for many reasons. Having the great outdoors and multiple metropolises with culture to back it up, there is no end to the fun you may experience while in the state. Here are some key features as to why Colorado is a top vacation destination.

Wilderness as the Main Attraction

If nature is something that you favor, you are in luck! Colorado is boasting with nature everywhere you look, from its mountain peaks to the variegated landscapes that it provides; this place is definitely not lacking in terms of wilderness.

The climate is relatively moderate, as you can enjoy all four seasons here. Along with these seasons, you can enjoy three hundred days of sunlight per year in this state for great skiing and snowboarding due to the state’s elevation. Wildlife is also something to look out for, as there are mountain lions, bobcats, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and over four hundred species of wild birds, just to name a few.

City Life in the Rocky Mountain State

No trip to Colorado would be complete without experiencing its metropolises and all the endless fun you will have during your stay. Denver is flooded with art and culture, as this is what the city prides itself on. Boulder is more of a hipster’s haven, as there are several colleges and many students who live here; but with the Flat Iron formations in the backdrop, this is one place you surely will not want to miss.

Culture on the Western Frontier

Colorado is not short on culture either, as it was once a western frontier state and shares a rich western culture and history. Pike’s Peak is a national park, but also a historical site that many ventures to see and traverse as it marked one of the highlights of the gold rush. There is also the Colorado Gold Trail which showcases the gold mines of the 1850s. If you want more adventure, you can also hop aboard a train to catch a glimpse at the pristine mountain railways that were used for mining back in the 1800s.

The Scene of Colorado

While you are out enjoying the sunny weather, make sure to check out the art scene in Denver by visiting the Denver Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, and the Colorado Fine Arts Center. If that is not your jam, you can head out to check out the food and drink as Colorado is a major food lover’s hotspot wherever you find yourself. And if this still is not enough, check into the live music and festivals held year-round.

No matter if you are better suited in the metropolises with fine dining and luxury or roughing it in the Rocky Mountains, you’ll be sure to find your niche in this unique state. Everywhere you look, there is recreation or entertainment to appease the masses. So, it is by no mistake why Colorado is a top vacation destination. Visit Colorado and make memories you will never forget today!

Written by Kevin O'Neill

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