Australia’s leading caffeine energy strip launches in the UK

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The strips used by Olympic athletes are now available on Amazon…but how do they work for a nation of tired office workers? 

Co-Founder of Revvies, John Nolan-Neylan, discusses the benefits over energy drinks and what makes them unique.

Over 80% of the world’s population consumes at least one caffeinated product each day, to mask fatigue, increase alertness and improve focus and concentration. Caffeine is not, however, just for the tired 9-5 office workers waking up in the dark of a cold winter’s morning, it is one of only five supplement ingredients recognised to assist performance by World Athletics. 

Now, the caffeine delivery system used by some of the top names in international sports, from the UK’s top female marathon runners – including this year’s champion Natasha Cockram – to some of Australia’s top sports teams, is available to buy through the UK Amazon store.

The energy strips, which contain either 40mg or 100mg of caffeine in each serving – roughly equivalent to either a cup of tea or coffee respectively, are sugar-free, vegan and gluten free. The strips dissolve on the tongue and take effect in 5-10 minutes without being as hard on the stomach as caffeine pills or gels. 

10 packs of five strips are available from Amazon in two flavours for £25 while five packs of five are available for £13.50. 

Link to store:

John Nolan-Neylan, Co-Founder of Revvies

“We are thrilled to be working with Amazon UK to be able to bring Revvies Energy Strips to the UK and make supplements used by top athletes available to everyone. Revvies energy strips are fast, convenient and sugar-free. They can be taken anywhere, anytime and without water; the unique format allows users to stagger caffeine intake, taking smaller amounts for optimum performance and avoiding overstimulation.

Our elite athlete partners love training with Revvies and they are used by professional international teams all over the world, so we are proud to be able to offer the same, high-quality supplements to the average gym-goer or shift worker looking to boost their performance or ensure that they make the right decision when they’re otherwise exhausted.

Revvies offer a precise energy boost without the sugar or other additives of energy drinks or the need to drink cup after cup of tea or coffee. No other caffeine delivery system is as easy to digest, low calorie and fast-working at the same time.”

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