Mountain Biking Smartwatches You Cant Resist

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Smartwatches have been catching up as of late. Smartwatches are smaller, and generally more convenient to deal with when it comes to mountain biking. There is no extra setup and mounting required. You simply slap it on your wrist, and you’re ready to go! That being said, the next question would be, “What is the best smartwatch for mountain biking?”

While the answer to that question can be relative and have a diverse variety of answers depending on who you are talking to, we have chosen a smartwatch which I believe meets all of the criteria that would make it the best smartwatch for mountain biking for a lot of people.

A smartwatch is a type of wearable technology. It is often attached to smart wear, most commonly known as smart clothing.

Those who enjoy wearing smart clothing are sometimes called (420 Friendly) smart clothing wearers.

Why Do You Need A Smartwatch?

It is common for mountain bikers to wear smart clothing. Many wear smart clothing in order to receive notifications from their smart phones without having to pull the device out of their pockets. A smartwatch is a handy and convenient way to achieve this.

A smartwatch will ensure you are never without important information. A smartwatch will help you never miss a call or something very important.

Note: Many smart watches (especially the sport models) are not always particularly good at receiving notifications of phone calls and text messages. This is one reason you might consider wearing smart clothing.

For example, while wearing smart clothing, you may receive a phone call. You will not have it on you when you are biking, but that’s not an issue. A smartwatch can be used instead. When you receive a phone call, you can raise your arm to your face (like a regular watch) and it will vibrate. The voice will come through loud and clear, and it only takes a swipe to answer the phone!

You may still want a smart watch even if you are not interested in smart clothing. Even if you are not a fan of smart clothing, a smart watch can likely deliver the same basic functionality you may want (such as notifications, easy web browsing etc…)

Some smart watches also have fitness tracking capabilities. It would be highly unlikely to find a smartwatch which is unable to track various aspects of the fitness of the wearer.

Some smart watches even have heart rate monitoring capabilities, further enhancing its health tracking abilities.

Finally, some smart watches can actually function as a phone! I know, that’s right. I know. For some people it’s too much. For some it’s not enough. Even if you decide to purchase a smart watch, it is in your best interest to still have a smart phone. That way if you were in the middle of a ride, you would still have the full capabilities your smart watch may not have.

In short, a smart watch is an excellent and useful gadget for the average mountain biker.

How Mountain Biking Smartwatch Helps You In Trails?

There are some times when a smart watch (especially a sport model) actually comes in handy while cycling on the trail. A smartwatch can be, at times, a better fitness tracker than a conventional fitness tracker.

Mountain biking can entail going downhill and going up. It goes up repeatedly while the cyclist is pedaling. A smartwatch will be much more consistent and reliable at measuring your heart rate while on the up hill.

The fine line in between being fit and fat narrows, and the time to cross over disappears. A smartwatch will be able to measure this much better than a conventional fitness tracker.

A smartwatch is also nicer to wear in general for most fitness tracking purposes.

Are Smart Watches Reliable?

Smart watches are getting to be stronger. Smart watches are becoming more of a necessity for technology. A smart watch is a great choice for many people.

Smart watches are seeing further advancements on their durability everyday. There is a reason why smart watches are getting much smarter. The reason being is that as smart watches get smarter, and as technology advances, people seem to spend more time on their smart phones.

Smartwatches have taken on a role of their own. They have evolved into something way more useful than an average smart phone. Smart watches emphasize on living life in the present moment.

People are finding themselves to be spend excessively much time on their phones anyway. As mentioned, smart watches are getting smarter on their own. Technology is advancing, and smart watches are coming along for the ride.

How Mountain Biking Smartwatch Helps You To Stay Safe?

An important part of staying safe on a mountain bike is to remain visible to other trail and highway users. Some smart watches come with added LEDs which you can flick on or off. This will allow you to see and be seen.

There are even models which emit different light or vibration patterns depending on the type of notification that comes through.

Suunto 9, GPS Sports Watch

This product was recommended by Andrew Nelson from Pump Advisor

This feature-packed watch has an astounding battery life—up to 25 hours in Performance mode and 120 in Ultra mode. You get real-time notifications on remaining battery life, allowing you to change modes on the go so you don’t run out of juice before the end of your double century. Optical sensors read heart rate, and you can connect a heart-rate strap for greater accuracy.

Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch

This product was recommended by Ali Rizvi from Dream Superhero

Battery life: Upto 14 days in smartwatch mode, upto 16 hours in GPS mode, upto 40 hours in Ultratrac battery saver mode

Suunto 5

This product was recommended by Adam Lumb from Smartwatches4u

The Suunto 5 smartwatch is built to withstand tough outdoor activities. It offers high accuracy GPS which is great for tracking your biking routes, along with other useful features such as fitness metrics, training guidance and insights. It has intelligent battery modes to preserve power, and it offers smart charging reminders based on your previous activity. The Suunto 5 has been designed to withstand some of the toughest conditions too, with great shock protection being perfect for mountain biking.

Suunto Spartan Sport

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from AutoInsuranceCompanies

This watch is engineered for sports enthusiasts and is tough and durable and will perform even in adverse conditions. It will track your heart rate, your elevation gains and losses, and your location. You can compare your performance on the same trail, or you can compare the stats from different trails. The battery life is excellent even when you’re using the GPS functions.

Garmin fēnix 5

This product was recommended by Michael Miller from VPN Online

A couple of things I look for in a watch are GPS and battery life. The Garmin fēnix 5 has both plus much more. Its rugged design is built to endure. It’s water-resistant, Bluetooth compatible, and has an MTB mode designed specifically for mountain biking.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

This product was recommended by Patricia J from Pedal Lovers

definitely the choice to go to if you are looking for quality, accuracy, long lasting battery and great design. It has all what you think a smart sports watch should have, it monitors your water intake, your performance with pace pro technology, heart rate, respiration and energy, all in a very advanced way and with way higher technology than other watches. When it comes to cycling, I can’t even begin to describe the features it has and how much it is unlike any other sports watch, I think you will get what I mean when you check the website.

The Garmin Forerunner 45

This product was recommended by Patricia J from Pedal Lovers

very budget friendly, has all the requirements for a any cardio related activity sports watch, as well as all the smart functions we are used to, the difference here is the higher reliability and functionalities than other sport watches, it is even very similar to forerunner 235 but this one is less pricey and has a smaller frame.

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