5 Ways to Make Your Cardio Workouts More Enjoyable

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Running is a touchy subject for many. Some people love to run, while others avoid it at all costs. However, cardio workouts come with many benefits for your mental and physical health that you could be missing out on. There’s also such as thing as a “runner’s high.” Give it a second chance by trying some of these ways to make your cardio workouts more enjoyable.  

1. Run Outside 

A great way to escape the home for a little bit and enjoy the nice weather is to go for a jog outside. It can be refreshing to run on different trails instead of being stuck on a treadmill all the time.  

2. Listen to a Podcast 

Many people listen to music while they work out, but sometimes listening to an engaging discussion can be far more enjoyable. Plus, a podcast episode can last hours, which can get you through a few workouts. Another great option is to listen to an audiobook, especially if you have trouble finding the time to read.  

3. Watch Something 

Podcasts and audiobooks aren’t the only things you can enjoy during your cardio workouts. One of the many benefits of using indoor cardio machines is that there is usually a TV or a place to put your phone. This allows you to watch a movie or TV show to take your mind off all the hard work you are putting in—while still putting it in.  

4. Use a Running App 

Another way to make your cardio workouts more enjoyable is by installing a running app on your smartphone. Not only is this a great way to guide your workout if you are getting back into exercising, but it can make it fun with apps like Zombies, Run! 

5. Try Something New 

A final thing to consider is to try something new. There are other ways to do cardio besides running. You can use an elliptical, stationary bike, or even go rollerblading. If you aren’t a fan of running, there are a variety of options you can choose from that you might end up really enjoying.  

Written by Kevin O'Neill

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