Ways to Improve Your Motorcycle Racing Skills

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Just like with any sport, all motorsport racers want to win. There are unique steps motorsport racers take to increase their performance, as well as learning different techniques and skills specific to their sport. These ways to improve your motorcycle racing skills will help any racer, whether they’re a novice or veteran on and off the track.

Brake Lighter and Longer

Simply put, the more pressure you put on your brakes at any time, the more negative effects you’ll see with traction and acceleration. When you brake as hard as you can, you risk awkward gear shifts and wasted time on cornering. Instead, brake smoothly and softly to avoid awkward maneuvers. You’ll feel steadier and more in control of your handling and cornering capabilities.

Adjust Your Speed

Naturally, in any race, the faster you are, the likelier you are to win. When you go too fast, though, you significantly decrease your adjustment period. This is important since you need to be aware of any details on the track to come out ahead of other racers. The less time you have for it, the further you’ll fall behind. Not to mention, higher speeds mean less control. You must be in control to hit your lean angles and accelerate out of the curve. Like with braking, control ensures an efficient ride during the whole race. A comfortable speed is better, overall, than a faster one.

Don’t Fixate on Targets

Like driving a car, you must keep continual surveillance of your surroundings when riding your motorcycle. You cannot fixate on targets in the road, whether that’s a rock, part of the asphalt, something on the sidelines, or even another racer. These can all distract you and throw you off your path. Always look through something rather than at something. For instance, when cornering a turn, look through the edge rather than at it. This way you look where you want to go for each second of the race. Remember, your bike follows your direction. Constant awareness ahead of you will give you a needed advantage over your competition.

Modify Your Bike

While riding tips help, you can also customize your bike with the best features available. Many motorcycle upgrades will increase your power, speed, handling, and braking. For instance, new exhaust and air filters will improve your throttle response and torque curve from constantly cooling the engine. Furthermore, lighter wheels and tires will reduce the overall bike weight and give you better handling than before.


Lastly, while aftermarket upgrades will help tremendously, the other most important way to improve your riding capability is to train. One of the most important parts of motorcycle racing, like any sport, is to practice. Find any weaknesses and strengths you have and improve upon them. Tweak your strengths until they become perfect, and focus on your weaknesses to become an overall better rider. Train your body to reduce the amount of drag and weight against your bike, and attend a riding school or professional coach to help you perform better. These steps will ensure better results on the track.

Written by Kevin O'Neill

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