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Moto GP Update And Catalunya 2023 Preview

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The Moto GP season has been predictable this summer, with Francesco Bagnaia dominating the races and overall leaderboard. Similar to what we saw in Formula 1 during the height of Lewis Hamilton’s dominance, Bagnaia is in complete control and showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The form driver is streets ahead of the chasing pack and is pulling clear.

The Ducati Lenovo Team rider has claimed major scalps in this campaign, hitting the top of the championship early and refusing to slow down. He worked hard to get into the number one spot on the grid and isn’t about to let his standards slip anytime soon. The speedster will aim to keep winning, wracking up the points, claiming trophies, and leading by example. Can anyone stop him? It’s not likely.

Many of the leading sports betting sites have closed their books on the outright winner of the Moto GP World Championship. Traders have been cutting the odds on Francesco over the last few weeks, but some big players came to invest in the market leader. 

Eventually, some apps stopped betting and paid out everyone that backed Bagnaia to hold his ground. He’s certainly good enough, and it’s increasingly unlikely he’ll concede ground.

Get up to speed

What can you expect to find on this page? Regular readers of our articles already share our passion for Moto GP and know our team of writers covers the biggest events. Despite the dominance of Bagnaia this summer, there has been plenty to discuss, and we love to tackle the big issues facing Moto GP enthusiasts this year. Some vast fixtures are on the horizon, and it pays to stay ahead of the game.

We look ahead to this year’s renewal of the much-loved Moto GP Catalunya, when the sport’s best drivers will attend, looking to upset the odds and claim a winner. All the talk during the build-up has focussed on Bagnaia, allowing his competitors to fly under the radar. They have managed to avoid the media circus but see it as an insult when the stats suggest there’s only one driver in the race. 

We expect an exciting renewal as the best drivers claim the points needed to close the gap on the top driver, but the pack must improve its showing in recent races. Bagnaia has had things all his way, and that has scared off armchair fans and potential bettors. 

This article discusses the current league standings, upcoming fixtures, the odds offered in Las Vegas, and more. You’ll find information on this page if it’s related to Moto GP and is worth knowing.

League standings

Fans expected a memorable Moto GP season, and the campaign has lived up to the hype. It’s fair to say it hasn’t been the most competitive campaign, but watching Bagaina in action has been a joy. He took control of the competition in the early races and hasn’t slowed down, tightening his grip with the passing of every race.

We have an updated league table after the last race, and there are no surprises. What will impress readers is the consistency of the competition leader who is streets ahead of the chasing pack. Bagnaia sits atop the division, with nine wins on the board, achieved from ten pole-position starts. The pace-setter has already amassed 251 points, meaning he’s already 62 points clear of his nearest rival and the chasers.

The Ducati Lenovo Team’s pride and joy is top of the league on merit, and he’s unlikely to surrender his lead from such a comfortable position. The main danger to Francesco is Jorge Martin of the Prima Pramac Racing team. Jorge sits ahead of a tight field on three wins and 189 points. Interestingly, he’s closer to third than first.

Making up the podium is third-placed Marco Bezzecchi racing in Mooney VR46 Racing Team colors. He also has three wins with 183 points, keeping him on the coattails of Martin. This season, the race for second place is more competitive than the fight for the championship.

Many of the leading sports betting sites have closed their books on the outright winner of the Moto GP World Championship.

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Upcoming races

Have you been following the season closely? If not, you’ve missed some fantastic races, including the British Grand Prix earlier this summer. Aleix Espargaro was the surprise winner for Aprilia Racing in another thrilling renewal of a season highlight. Like in Formula 1 and most other motorsports, the British Grand Prix is a significant attraction on the schedule.

Some mouth-watering races are still to come, and until the champion and major places are confirmed, the top riders will keep pushing hard. Moto GP is an honest motorsport; few drivers take it easy in the later stages. Points mean prizes, and this is a competitive bunch that refuses to accept defeat.

The top Grand Prix is shown live on television, including the upcoming Gran Premi de Catalunya, which opens in September with a bang. Another popular event with fans and riders, we expect fireworks at the Circuit de Catalunya as the leading names in the competition aim to cover ground on the leader.

Held on the first weekend of September, the Catalunya Grand Prix attracts a crowd, and you can beat the rush by making your predictions early. Will Bagnaia collect another win, or will the result be a surprise? Fans can’t wait to find out. 

Odds offered

The leading sportsbooks offer Moto GP fans the chance to make predictions on the winner of the Catalunya Grand Prix. Select the rider you expect to finish the weekend standing on the top step ahead of his rivals. The top bookies offer some eye-catching odds.

Predicting the race winner is an exciting approach to the Grand Prix following an upset in the UK. The odds on Bagnaia could be better as he’s favorite, but we can’t complain about bookies keeping the championship leader close. They’ve realized opposing Francesco isn’t the most intelligent approach. But he’s not the only one worth considering for the big race.

Predict the Grand Prix winner or one of the many exciting specials, including the podium finish, to finish the race, the number of finishers, and more. There’s something for everyone.

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