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Product Review: Selle SMP TRK Large Saddle

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The TRK line is the basic model in the Strike Series. Made for those on a budget who still want the protections and comfort from what Selle has to offer.

Selle SMP’s patented saddle arises from extensive studies conducted which analysed the different positions assumed by a cyclist in the various phases of a ride and the constant interaction between the body and saddle. The design of the outer mid-section is shaped to follow your thigh muscles to maximise blood circulation and pedaling power.


  • Casing: Nylon 12
  • Padding: Foamed Elastomer
  • Rails: AISI 304 Tubular Steel
  • Dimensions: 272 x 177mm
  • Weight: 395 grams

Selle Smp Trk Saddle Review: 

We are already in the third saddle and with this we reach the most classic models, those with cutback. Once again Joe Bell started the process, trying out the saddle I recommended, a Velo. He then asked me if I had experience with other saddles. Well, I probably buy and replace too many seats for someone who is satisfied with the ones that I have, but I asked him for the reason and Joe said that he wanted a Trk by Selle SMP.

When the saddle arrived Joe gave it to me with a smile on his face and I do not know why, but I had a feeling that something ventured, but not everything lost. The first impression was that there was not a special hype for this saddle contrary to those that are driven and with a logo like SMP saddle one can expect that. The first step with the new saddle was a Torbay Park 25 mile ride. The saddle did not hurt, it is hard to say if it was comfortable since I never ride this distance and first time with a cutback. Then the amount of saddle position and height adjusting started. In the end Joe told me to use it, in fact it was not easy to convince him to let me use his saddle since he was happy with it. To my surprise Joe, Jonathan and Daniel Bell to all use TRK saddles by Selle SMP they are the only saddles they use.

The TRK, or Triathlon racing, is the most basic model in the Strike Series. However, Selle SMP offers a greater range of models in the Strike Series, such as the DRT model, which includes thicker padding and is designed for bigger riders.

The TRK is the lightest saddle in the Strike Series (and pretty light among most other saddles too). It is my dream to have a Selle SMP patented comfortable saddle but the fact is that I am too tall for any Selle SMP. Considering the price difference between the TRK and the higher level models in the Strike Series, I am convinced that the TRK is the best buy for most cyclists. This is the saddle I will probably try next.

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Selle SMP TRK Large Saddle Review: 

I recently bought a new saddle and it came to my house after 45 days delay. At the end everything was good, the saddle arrived once I returned from vacation and it is my third purchase of Selle SMP. Those who are interested can read the two earlier reviews of SCK and V2Tri. With this review I have three Selle SMP saddles in my stable and I do not want more, at least for the coming 12 months.

This is an intermediate model between V2Tri and SCK and with this model Selle SMP introduced a saddle with cutback, a large and uncomfortable feature of many saddles. I was surprised when I saw the saddle I had purchased with one of the saddles high range but with cutback. I tried it without much expectation and was quite happy to see that the cutback did not bother me.

After several rides and first observations, I came to the conclusion that SCK was made for me, with the cutback. There are many things that make me a fan of Selle SMP and the SCK is one of them.

Some users of SCK have told me that the saddle was not broken in, so they put a container full of water under the saddle and covered it with plastic, a kind of waterbed for horses. This method “makes the bone” and leaves the saddle ready for long rides. Although I do not advise you to perform an experiment like this, especially if you do not believe in it. According to Selle SMP, the saddle must be broken in with your body weight, and ultimately you will arrive at the ideal point of flexion for your body, something that gives you greater pedaling power and comfort.

The saddle rides slightly further back because of the cutback, about 20 mm to the rear and is firmer than my other Selle SMP saddles. It is also a bit shorter so the distance from the saddle to the handlebars is greater, which for me, helps in the positive sense. I am not quite sure about this because I do not have a scientific explanation.

The casing of the saddle is good but nothing special. The creation of a new line of saddles is a lengthy process and I expect a totally new range of saddles by Selle SMP in the next few months. The Selle SMP saddle is manufactured in Italy but belongs to the Japanese company Ritchey Logic, the official distributor of the various lines of precious saddles.

The construction of the saddle is quite simple and it is not padded at the center. To cover the rear part of the saddle, there is a piece of leather. The cover on top is rubber to help hold the position of the saddle. There is also a groove at the front of the saddle for the pressure relief channel. In theory it should help to direct the flow of blood back. In practice I can not tell for now. Other lines of saddles by Selle SMP are made of different materials and offer different padding and other details that make them better, so it is probably only a matter of time to get my hands on them.

The saddle has a little forward cutback and it is not as wide as SCK. I expected to be very flashy and uncomfortable when placed over the pubis. Much to my surprise, I can not tell the difference with other saddles without cutback. The cutback fits quite well with my riding position, maybe it is slightly more forward.

To conclude, the first ride with the new saddle was a bit uncomfortable due to the new position and the different sensitivity of the cutback, but after a fast check I got used to it and it was not a significant problem. Most obviously the transition from the SCK to the new saddle was much quicker than with the change between SCK and V2Tri.

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Written by Mark Adams

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