Product Review: Selle SMP Extra Saddle

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Saddle hand made in Italy by Selle SMP.

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  • Dimensions: 275 x 140mm
  • Weight: 395g
  • Covering: SMP vacuum tech, soft synthetic material
  • Steel Rails

Selle Smp Extra Review:

The Selle SMP Extra is a very a lot a few model of the Selle SMP Saddle, but with softer padding. For riders that are heavier or consider themselves extra sensitive to the common synthetic padding we have now the Selle SMP Extra with the extremely comfortable triple density padding. This stiff saddle is a good decision for all riders who need extra assistance on their ride. As a reward, the Selle SMP Extra is very comfy and highly effective for pro riders and cyclists with an efficient pedal stroke. With the very soft, triple density padding makes this saddle a good option for riders that need extra help and want the most effective return for the power they put in. The Selle SMP Extra provides you with a sturdy and secure feeling and ensures a lot of durability too. This saddle can be used with a wide range of bikes and it’s a good option for individuals who have hypersensitive backsides.

The lightweight construction of this saddle (the weight of the Selle SMP saddle is 395g) makes it versatile and useful for every rider. You may in finding the Selle SMP Extra a slightly contoured again, but that causes it to be extremely efficient at relieving pressured parts from your butt area and making your use pleasantly. With its significant protection, ventilation and extraordinary performance, the Selle SMP Extra is definitely an excellent option with a price tag of $89.50. The Selle SMP Extra is a nice idea for cyclists with hypersensitive backsides and it’s constructed with a large number of facets in thoughts.

You may think that this saddle didn’t supply much for you and that you may like to try one thing different, but it’s a great blend of efficiency, power and comfy. A high-quality and well-priced saddle with incredible value for the money. A nice saddle for aggressive riders and a great option in case you’re searching for the most effective return for the power you put. The Selle SMP Extra was designed for every rider with hypersensitive backsides and it’s constructed with a excessive diploma of accuracy. If you are kind of a delicate rider then this saddle might be just right for you.

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With its low price tag and extra efficiency, the Selle SMP Extra is a wonderful decide for individuals who need extra help. Overall, the saddle is very comfortable and very well built. The Selle SMP Extra is sturdy, durable and nice to use. Its padding isn’t the greatest, which makes the Selle SMP Extra an exceptional option in case you are searching for comfort and efficiency and you need additional support and consolation. The Selle SMP Extra incorporates the very best of comfort and efficiency, but you will have to spend some time to get used to it. In case you discover the Selle SMP Extra a little issues put on it, then don’t be afraid and seek the advice of your coach. The Selle SMP Extra is the very best choice for individuals who need extra support and help.

Just like all products this saddle has its pros and cons. The Selle SMP Extra a very nicely built saddle. It’s comfy and rather efficient if you’re a heavier or delicate cyclist. It provides probably the most cancellation of pressure and has a very comfy design. The materials used for the job are of high quality and the saddle is nicely constructed.

The saddle’s padding isn’t too comfy, but you’ll have to spend a few time to get used to it. Be sure you read the fitting tips and put on it a few times. It’s advisable to put on it 10 minutes each time. In case you discover it too exhausting or uncomfortable you must seek the advice of your coach or your doctor. A lot of cyclists with a sensitive backside like this saddle and they are very pleased with its efficiency and power. The Selle SMP Extra is a high-quality product in case you are on a look out for a very nicely constructed saddle with a comfy design and an honest value for the money.

 I purchased this saddle as a part of a group of upgrades to get rid of the old, soft, polymer components that came on my bike when I purchased it. I also replaced the cheap schwalbe tires to a pair of Hutchinson Sector 28c tires. I now have a slightly heavier bike and I really like the improvements. My bike rides so much nicer. It has been really nice getting a new saddle to replace the old one. My old saddle had a poorly placed metal lip on the top, and it actually caused me to cut my leg on it a couple of times. It was hard to get over the lip with a heavy bike, especially if I was about to stand up off of the saddle. The great thing about the EQ saddle is that it does not have that metal lip to cause injury. It also has some padding outside of the saddle on the top of the saddle. The saddle overall is a little bit wider than the old saddle and this helps quite a bit if you are a big guy who can get off the saddle occasionally to pedal. It is hard to measure the difference in weight. My scale tells me that it is about 100 grams lighter. I am very happy with the saddle, so I guess that the scale was pretty off for this measurement. I am still using the stock saddle shoe and I am very happy with that choice. It does a good job of holding the saddle in place. The saddle pushes the hips slightly forward, but there is a cut out on the saddle to help keep the rider from sitting right on the very back edge of the saddle. There is a nice gap between the cut out and the edge of the saddle and I really like that. I feel that it makes pedaling very comfortable. The back of the saddle is contoured and this also helps with pedaling comfort. My thinking is that when you have a saddle with a flat top, your body weight needs to be against the nose of the saddle. This feels great on flat road, but it can cause discomfort on some bikes when riding off-road or mountain biking. You have to ride further back on your seat to avoid your backside/legs touching the nose of the saddle when you hit bumps, roots, rocks, etc. I am very pleased with this saddle so far. My lower back is very comfortable. I have tested this saddle on a road bike, and a hardtail mountain bike. It also worked great when I used it on a full-suspension mountain bike. The only ride that I didn’t feel it was that comfortable was on the road bike when I rode for several long hours in a hard and fast position. My easy response to that is to move in the seat, and lean forward to get a slightly more comfortable position. I am going to list the pros and cons of my saddle. PROS – Shape and curvature of the saddle allow me to pedal comfortably. I don’t have to go as far back in my seat to avoid sitting on the nose of the saddle. – Very comfortable even when riding in a fast and hard position for long periods of time. – Very smooth ride. – Great price for the quality. CONS – Completely hard saddle. – Slight difference when pedaling out of the saddle in a hard position. It is not quite as smooth as the best gel saddles out there, but it is still very comfortable. – Pedaling power is slightly less than before. This is most likely due to all of the other great upgrades that I made at the same time. I am still very happy with my saddle and I am going to be using it for a very long time. I hope this review was helpful.

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