Product Review: Lynskey R240 Titanium Road Frame 2015

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Quite possibly the most popular Lynskey model ever, WAS the R230. So for this incarnation they chose to make only minor tweaks rather than wholesale changes.

When it ain’t broke, why fix it? So new for this year they’re adding the pro level tapered and integrated head tube, which now allows even more front end stability and stiffness as we make room for a tapered steerer tube fork.

Fear not, the great comfort adding curved seat stays, the oversized and bi-axially ovalized performance driven tubeset, symmetrically swaged chain stays and standard English threaded BB remain the structural foundation of the R240. This year’s highly reviewed sport series leader is ideal for the rider wanting to mix it up on the weekend with an up-tempo club ride, ride that annually scheduled century, and still has the drive to enter the club race in June.

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Lynskey R240 Review:

This R240 Is Aluminum

We source the tubeset from Ren Wey for a lightweight, durable, and sleek tube profile that blends comfort and performance. Six symmetrical diagonal profiled tubes spread the load of a bicycle frame to six locations if one were to focus on it. Laying this package flat on a work bench you can see the tubes have a gentle oval profile. These ovalized shapes do not just make for a beautiful profile, but for a stiffer and more forgiving ride that significantly relieves rider fatigue. Ovalized shapes layed flat do not produce the wavy lines you might expect, but a smooth, perfectly flat shape of perfect carves. The asymmetrical rear end helps counter the forces of the right leg when pedaling.

The R240 is now available in an aluminum chassis. The only other 14.8 lbs. bike you’ll find that will offer this level of performance and comfort does not have a round profile.

At the heart of Lynskey’s R240’s structural integrity are its asymmetrical chain stays and it’s unidirectional ovalized down tube. This matrix of materials comprises the stiffest, lightest, and most efficient structure for a bicycle.

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English Threaded Bottom Bracket

Reflecting the precise engineering of the cycling field, Lynskey uses an English threaded BB, and we have built the remaining tandem’s drive train components to perfectly interface with the English threaded BB. This means you can buy a new set chainrings with one singular unit for both sides.

Technologies used for the purposes of making the bike lighter include torching of the rear triangle, removing material directly from the frame. This process is good for achieving a butting construction, giving the part the desired profile, and providing us the opportunity to save weight and preserve the strength of the frame. We’ve done the same process in house for all Lynskey’s carbon frames.

Asymmetrical AFF

The R240’s asymmetrically flared AFF (asymmetric fluted flair) chain stays are a hallmark of Lynskey frame designs throughout the last decade. Flaring the chain stays on the non-drive side and not doing so on the drive side means increased mud clearance and better tire clearance thanks to the larger spokes on the non-drive side of the wheel. This design enhances the symmetry of the drive and non-drive side of the bicycle, which ensures that vibrations are isolated from one side of the frame to the other, and that these vibrations do not affect the ride of the bicycle. When it comes to bicycle ensuring a bicycle is finely crafted, the only way to make this happen in a cost effective manner is to remove material from the leftovers after a light forming process. This build process ensures that the parts are the most precise, and that we take our time to machine them perfectly. Every frame we produce is a labor of love, and that’s why we only make full carbon if the customer so desires.

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Performance Driven Tubes

We use the finest blank material available. With heat treating and careful testing we’re able to get every ounce of performance out of every tube. HTS is a multi-heat treatment and hardening process, and this provides us the opportunity to put all the effort into building the strongest and stiffest tubeset we can.

With our proprietary tubing design we use a long list of weight disadvantageous material such as chrome, titanium, and a variety of high grade alloys. The bead blasting and precision machine finishing we’re able to utilize gives us the ability to take advantage of virtually every feature on the tube.

Lightweight and strong are two of the best features of a carbon fiber bicycle frame. They both lead to a similar result, riding faster. The R240 is the best way to build a lightweight, responsive, and comfortable carbon frame.

The standard, lightweight Lynskey carbon frame comes in at around 1.7 lbs. Our standard front triangle is 4.75 lbs., and the rear end comes in at just 2.5 lbs. These are weights we’ve achieved without compromising strength.

The Lynskey Manx TT:

The Lynskey R240 will serve as the ultimate competition bike for a handful of triathletes. This design is built for performance, comfort, and security. We use a six piece tapered carbon front section to handle the forces of the rider’s body and input from the rider. 15mm of carbon fiber are shaped to handle the forces of the crank and pedals. We use a dual tapered rear end with extreme straightness to complement the front end. The weight saving is felt in the front and rear sections, and this frame weighs in at 14.8 lbs. Built with all of the features we’ve added to our carbon frames, the R240’s customer will have the opportunity to ride in the fastest field of triathletes as well as an up-tempo club ride, ride that annually scheduled century, and still has the drive to enter the club race in June.

The Lynskey Puck:

The Lynskey Puck is one bike that goes against the grain. It’s our most affordable carbon frameset and is built for challenge – that’s what we’re all about. This bike features a large volume wheel, and it’s not built to optimize aerodynamics. We use a performance road bike for recreational riding, so this bike is filled with comfort features. We’ve included a tapered front section with the same lay-up and many of the same features as one of our top-of-the-line carbon frames. The way we’d ride a road bike, which is the way we build it. We’ve included a 58 cm Mid-SAVE seatstay design at the back, generous tire clearance, and the ability to clear a standard 31.6 mm seatpost. This bike is made with a double butted carbon frame. It’s a great choice for the weekend recreational rider. The Lynskey Puck is built with a double butted carbon frame.

The Lynskey Westlander:

The Lynskey R240 takes us back to the era when tri bikes were built to where the rider felt most comfortable. The Lynskey Westlander is the ultimate training and recreational cyclist companion, and it’s also the right choice for the weekend warrior triathlete.

The Lynskey Westlander has a large platform on which to perform. The perimeter shape is comfortable, and its tightness makes it easy to retain on rougher terrain. The lightweight Lynskey Westlander is built of carbon. The entire package weighs 12.4 lbs. We’ve added a cloth binder to this carbon frame.

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