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Product Review: Hope Pro 2 Evo Rear Hub – 150mm x 12mm

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The now proven range of Pro2 hubs have gone from strength to strength since they were launched. Countless tests, reviews and of course rider feedback have shown that the Pro2 is everything that we designed it to be.

We have a couple of noticeable changes on the hubs now – first one is that they all now run stainless steel bearings throughout, bringing them inline with Pro3. These means longer life, smoother, free running and even more value for money. With the bearing change comes a new axle. The old 15mm axle is now replaced with a 17mm version. This means total compatibility with Maxle and Maxle Lite (reg) 12mm bolt through. This hub features a one piece 7075 aluminium rotor body and pawl carrier. Four pawls engage into a twenty-four tooth steel ratchet which is fixed into the hub shell and is sealed with a frictionless, non contact labyrinth seal. The axle runs on five cartridge bearings. All Pro2 hubs are standard 6 bolt disc compatible.The hub shell is machined from a solid billet of 2014 T6 aluminium.


  • Type: Rear 150mm x 12mm
  • CNC machined in Barnoldswick, England
  • Built and hand finished in UK
  • Bearing type: Stainless. (61804, 1728, 61803, 61903)
  • Hub Body: 2014 T6 aluminium

Hope Pro 2 Evo Rear Hub Review:

Hope Pro 2 Evo Rearend Hub is very solid and affordable wheel upgrade, and the axle is also stiff, well made, and has a good initial bite.

The hub has a 12mm axle (same as on the Mavic Si2), but looks almost identical to the 5mm axle on the Pro3 hub. It is easy to run into, and the pads are also not rubbery like the Pro3. It is straight-up carbon for this price. I had no issues running gauge and brake inner tubes. Hope also sent me a free box of carbon inner tubes.

Hope are a very consistent manufacturer.


  • Very reliable, and aero
  • Quick and easy change
  • Strong, but not expensive
  • Standard 6 bolt disc compatibility
  • Solid build


  • 5mm axle for 14mm mount bike
  • Tire specific
  • A little pricey

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Hope Pro 2 Evo Rear Hub Review by Presona

I’m using the Hope Pro 2 Evo rear hub on my Kona Evo welder.

The bearings are perfectly fine for us. I found the bearings to be extremely smooth at low speeds, which, for a little while, made the bike much identifiably a 100% carbon bike. I think we have the type of bushings that the Pro 3 and Si2 use for their bearings out of the box.

Now, I’ve run both the standard Pro 2 axle and the 9-tooth axle (which I’ll update my review of later) through my bizillion races and trials, both with and without the 11-speed cassette, and people have been shocked. There isn’t a single rider out there who would ever use an 11-speed cassette with an axle like this. Some will even accuse me of concealing a gear change. Yes, it has been a plastic bushing/hub in there due to how wide the rear road section is, but it only took me a few races on the road to catch on. The only time it’s noticeable is when leaning a little far to the right during a corner.

I haven’t been able to test the beadlock platform due to an advanced welding operation scheduled for Sunday. However, I was able to dial in a locking ring for the axle, which outperformed the lockup I was getting on my road bike and trail bike. I really do find the axle to be quite solid and the bearings are just right. As soon as I have the time to tinker with it, I get back to you.

As an entry level rear hub, it’s one of the best if not the best value I’ve seen. I may be buying a Pro 3 rear hub as my ambition level for my bicycle grows, but it’s still a great hub for the money.

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Hope Pro 2 Evo Rear Hub Review by Former Owner

I have been riding the Pro2 rear hub for a while. Mine was on my Fuji Raptor FSR; now it is on my Kona Evo. The cadence has been on the high side on the FSR with an 11-11 split 3-4, 2-3, etc. It is about the fastest bike I have ever ridden and is more reliable than I expected. The cage on the rim is well done; the cheap foam, horn and gel have now become a memory, as has the “wah-wah” braking. I could go on to list many thing. I have suffered fever and a broken rib on 1200-1300 calories, though, while on the bike. I like the slightly longer wheelbase and low center of gravity. If I can keep this up, and get fitter and more confident on the bike, I may take the time to work on my front Enduro Cross component set, which has stood me in good stead for Cross and enduro riding.


  • Quiet
  • Solid, simple build
  • Reliable
  • Best price I have seen
  • Very good looking
  • Supportive frame, and nice sized knuckles
  • Great stacking
  • Strong, but not excessive
  • Durable, and easy to clean
  • Replacing spokes is easy
  • Mavic Accel remains in place
  • Reasonably priced


  • Some would say probably more weak components
  • People would say lacking power


Rear hub, as stated, is biggest surprise to me. When standing next to the Silverfire Pure Carbon, it is very solid. 

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Written by Mark Adams

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