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Product Review: Deity Components CZ38 Special Handlebar 2015

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Deity Components is a true 110% rider owned, operated, and funded company that caters to real riders. With a vast lightweight premiere product line that covers a range of disciplines, Deity provides superior quality parts including pedals, grips, saddles, bars and seatposts.


  • The Cameron Zink Signature Handlebar.
  • Designed for all disciplines from All Mountain, Downhill, Freeride, Trails, and more.
  • Featuring our proprietary Gradient Butting Technology.
  • Designed exclusively with deity tooling.
  • Made from custom gradient butted 7075 T73 aluminum.

Deity Components CZ38 Special Handlebar Review:

 First introduced to the Deity line with a special handlebar design, this has always been a boutique brand. The CZ CZ38 is a significant upgrade to the Special Handlebar. It comes in a standard version, and a Zink version. The most notable upgrade is from the aluminum standard version. The CZ Zink Special Handlebar is based on CZ’s favorite mainstream handlebars. The Zink Version is not replaceable, but a Zink Special is required for any use of the Zink handlebars. The two most significant differences between the standard and Zink version include:

  • Lighter: 1.5 grams
  • Standard: 1.3 grams
  • Zink: 0.6 grams

The middle three weight numbers are identical to the standard version. Unlike any other company or company of this size from anywhere, Deity has for a long time made almost nothing but special carbon handlebars.

–   The Zink Handlebar was full carbon production.

–   The Zink was butted.

–   The Zink Special only uses true Deity tooling except for the branding.

–   Finally Deity has a proper name for its handlebars.

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There has always been one design that they have employed in their handlebars: A finely machined black insert that hides the carbon middle section. This is valuable because most handlebars on the market are just head-tracked steel bars with a few carbon inserts. The handlebars come with a simple 9/16″ hex key thread that is the standard for USA-made handlesbars. The Deity Zink Special is fully compatible with all other Deity handlebars without any big changes to the threaded bolt screws. Deity uses no adhesive to keep the Zink bar from hitting you on shin over the side of the base. The use of the Zink logo on the handlebar is unobtrusive and beautiful. The Deity logo can be seen on the zink version as well. The Zink Zink Special handlebar fits easily in any standard hand with a wide hand position range.

–   The Zink Zink Standard has a specialized cylindrical chrome powder coated axle. While they are both from aluminum, the Zink version has a more aggressive profile because of the Zink Signature. It has a much larger circumference, which can help with movements that are “hugger” side-by-side.

–   The Zink Zink can be converted from the standard to the traditional back-spoke version that has the standard Deity logo on the top side. The standard version can also be easily converted back to the standard “chin” style of the standard Zink version.

–   The Zink Zink is visually stunning, but they are second rate/quality brand products.

Special Bar Handlebar Version CZ38 Zink

CZ38 Zink is a hand raised version of the Zink Special.CZ38 Zink has a slightly smaller diameter than the standard Zink. It has a tighter radius slightly down on the top tube than the standard Zink, and the Zink Zink’s color helps clear and clean it up.Position, diameter, and depth:[1]

–   Left:

–   Right:

Special Handlebar: Fizik Turbine AX

The Fizik ST55 AX Justiçe Special is a special handlebar designed for hardtails, but at the right angle for most Ultralight triathlon bikes and can also be used as a drop bars in cyclocross. This version has a slightly smaller diameter than typical for such handlebars, but a great leverage range and is easy to size and position based on the rider’s position and size. Standard Deity aluminum time trial handlebars in disc form or otherwise became very popular in the Triathlon community, creating a demand for Deity products.

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Deity Components CZ38 Review:

Deity Components, which owns Deity, introduced the Camaro Special in 2011.

First, a slightly larger diameter handlebar.

Secondly, the drop bars that are on the Camaro Special are all S-bend, not a traditional drop-bar design. There are several advantages to this design over a traditional drop-bar:

1.  The drop-bar bar ends are specialized to the handlebar axis, which gives the bar a much more natural profile than a traditional drop bar, opening up the cockpit to the rider.

2.  The “S” makes the tubes overall shorter than an upright drop-bar, which allows for a more natural position when the rider is leaning back, for example on the seat-brake.

3.  The S-bend drops to the center of the origin, rather than somewhere in the middle of the drop-bar end. This makes a more natural transition when the rider puts the brakes on.

4.  The S-bend drops in the direction of the handlebar axis. This also improves the handlebar position when the rider leans back, rather than having the drop-bar end of the bar on the forward end of the formation.

5.  The S-bend drops to a middle point between the drop-bars on the down-tube. This gives the handlebars a much wider stance than would otherwise be possibile- on the down-bars the entire drop-bar and down-tube length is in contact with the rider’s knee.

6.  The drop-bars are designed to be much easier to reach by the rider’s fingers using a small hand-grip. This is done to stow the bar on the bike smoothly, and prevent it from banging into the rack.

The Camaro Special is designed only with Deity tools and does not use the CZ logo, but is designed with the same principle and has a similar narrowing on top and a lower profile in the center of the bar.

–   Special color

DiMarzio’s Custom Bar Custom’s Niagar is one of the most popular handlebars with racers. The company has released several versions of the Niagar including Custom, V2 and V2+ Custom, V2 Carbon and the V2+ Carbon Doped.

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