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Product Review: H Plus Son Archetype Road Rim

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The Archetype Road Rim is the perfect all-rounder from H Plus Son. Weighing in at 470g, this rim is light but does not lack in strength, stiffness or stability. The modern 23mm wide rim profile gives the tyre its full traction capability, providing exceptional grip and stability even when leaning far over into corners. The construction and machining quality is evident on every rim H Plus Son create and they look as excellent and stylish as they perform.


  • Braking Surface: Machined
  • Material: G609 Alloy
  • Height: 25mm
  • Width: 23mm
  • Size: 700c
  • Joint: Welded
  • ERD: 595mm

H Plus Son Archetype Road Rim Review:

Key Features 23mm wide rim profile provides full traction and stability:

  • Compact and light at 470g
  • Braking Surface Machined
  • Headset Clearance: .900mm
  • Frame Taper: 31.2mm
  • Pulley Buying Guide:
  • Rim Testing

This is a piece of Eddy Current put on a Wednesday (Edbilly) and finished on a Thursday, the downside being that it does not function effectively (also not BBC so cannot comment on BBC) the upside being that it is abacus. Also it is on a blog. If it was on a blog it is written for the purpose of explaining why exactly you should buy this rim, so you won’t be left wondering what is wrong with the rim. This was put on the weekend as I wrote the article, that’s why there is two tests at the end.

All Rim Testing an Example Rim

All Rim Testing


It is a solid rim with desirable features such as increased stability, smoothness of contact, and a high level of control. Most customers, however, will not be looking for the same things in their choice.


The rim’s edge and groove have been moulded into the rim’s body for a better contact feel. Still, we recommend you use only fat tyres and ride smooth as well as possible.

HEADSET CLEARANCE: 29.8 mm. Headset clearance is important because it is the first point where a bicycle’s wheel breaks free of the headset on its own, to fall free on the road. Since a front wheel can be as low as 19 mm and a rear wheel as high as 26 mm, different sides of a wheel will be affected and the front geometry is therefore required to maintain proper contact between the wheel and the head stem. In many cases only the lateral clearance may need adjustments as the front wheel and fork will be combined when ascending and descending as well as some rolling “bounce” in such downhill riding.

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H Plus Son Archetype Road Rim Review:

H Plus Son saw the need in the market for the light, powerful, highly-stiff and stable helmet at a low price that anyone, male or female, could afford. They designed it, they tested it and they passed with flying colours. The H Plus Son is an excellent helmet, that is the opinion of many.

36.9% of customers rated H Plus Son as the best.

Bikes of 2020

However, the promise of Next Generation Fibrovride 3 – was not fulfilled this year. This is no bad thing. Next Generation Fibrovride 3 has been life-changing for many riders. It corrects many of the negatives of Fibrovride with a more even level of comfort off-road. The combination of the weight of the new tubular tire and the pliability of the frame as combined with the standard anti-squat waist and the ball-joint head-angle means that riders with a helmet and any level of trail riding, from commuting to a gated community, can ride with confidence.

H Plus Son are pleased to announce that their innovative Fibrovride line of bikes has been given the green light for production and delivery to Flanders, the Netherlands.

H Plus Son Design Brief

H Plus Son is predominantly a company that continues to innovate its design and development with a great deal of success. Arne Schuyt has been the head mechanic at H Plus Son and without whom the design of the bike would not have been possible.

H Plus Son started out with a monocoque frame only, but found that this frame did not give the rider sufficient top-end and felt to comfort. Aerodynamic drag was found to be an issue when the rider was close to the rim.

The H Plus Son composition and the elliptical tubes have been mass-produced by producers Tom Breen, a world-class bicycle manufacturing company, in Australia. H Plus Son also uses only one-off hardware by Tom Breen, a company that has a long history of having produced only one-off parts for H Plus Son.

H Plus Son has also been exploring the idea of mounting the Hydrashield on the inside of the tubular tire The Hydrillocross. This would have allowed the use of a 3-spoked aluminium caliper to replace the large machined caliper normally used on bikes for this rim. Unfortunately the idea was dropped due to excessive weight and cost.

H Plus Son has created a new tubeless rim for the Fibrovride, the H Plus Son Tubeless. This rim is a direct translation of the one-line Fibrovride rim.

Future of the bikes

As the departure of Mercedes and H Plus Son have seen the release of improved bicycle models besides the H Plus Son.

A H Plus Son adidas is set to be released, H Plus Son will be releasing an H Plus Son wavebikes. The wavebikes will have aluminium frame and the wheels will be 16 inches. The wavebikes have a higher performance level. H Plus son plans to release a H Plus Son fat tire. The fat tire will have a mount in the frame. The H Plus Son fat tires will weigh in at 580g. The future of the H Plus Son bikes is to make sure they include great design, build quality and performance.

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