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Product Review: Fulcrum Racing Quattro LG Road Wheels

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Fulcrum’s Racing Quattro Wheels boast a 35mm deep-section clincher profile; this aero wheelset is both light at 1.73kg, which is lighter than many shallow section wheels, and cost-effective. An excellent training wheel for those seeking to make big gains this winter or a reliable and stable wheel for the club rider, these Racing Quattro LG Wheels will become a quick favourite for their consistent performance.

Aluminium All-Rounder

The Fulcrum Racing Quattro LG Road Wheels are made from an aluminium alloy and come with straight-pull aero spokes and anodised nipples. Offering everything from an aero profile to Fulcrum’s bespoke Dynamic Balance and Plasma Electrolyte Oxidation Treatments technologies, this wheelset is a leading all-round road and triathlon wheelset.

Racing Quattro LG Wheelset: Stiff and Stable

The Racing Quattro LG represents the family’s aluminium offering. Despite an external rim width of 24mm, Fulcrum’s engineers were able to produce a complete wheel with increased stiffness, reactivity, and greater stability whilst keeping the overall weight down. These Fulcrum Racing Quattro LG Road Wheels are the perfect aluminium option for long days in the saddle.


  • Rim Material: Aluminium Alloy (rim); Stainless Steel (spokes)
  • Width: 24.2mm
  • ETRTO: 17C (Will fit tyres between 25mm and 50mm)
  • Height: 35mm, RDB
  • Braking Surface: Turned braking surface
  • Spokes (Font/Rear): 16/21 (Two-to-One lacing pattern)
  • Profile Tech: Aero, straight-pull
  • Others: Plasma treatment on HG freewheel aluminium alloy axle
  • Weight: 1.725kg

Fulcrum Quattro Wheels Review:

On The Road

The Racing Quattro LG Wheelset is best suited to those who want to go wider than a standard 25mm rim, but aren’t willing to compromise on comfort or weight. The Fulcrum Racing Quattros are the wheels I first tried when I first started exploring wider tyres a couple of years ago. The 35mm deep-section clincher profile is lighter than many shallow section wheels, and fairly cost-effective; it’s a light, stiff and durable wheelset. Offering a broad range of standard depths and colours, the racing quattros are one of the most popular wheels in the Fulcrum range.

Riding the Racing Quattro LG Wheelset is a pleasure on every part of the bike. They accelerate with little effort and maintain a smooth and stable profile throughout the run, cornering like a much lighter wheelset. They respond quickly to changes in speed, which makes them ideal for all types of training. They’re fast and roll easily along the flat for miles yet stability is assured when leaning into a curve or following a straighter line. They won’t suit everyone, but those looking for a fast and smooth wheelset that doesn’t compromise comfort or agility will find these to be a solid option.

If you’re looking for a speedy tyre for a sportive, or a fast training wheel, these are a reliable bet. They’re smooth as you like through the long stuff, and provide great acceleration when you ramp up spin. As versatile training wheels they’re perfect.

Light, quick and super-sturdy, these performance wheelset will take your training to the next level

The Fulcrum Racing Quattro LG Wheelset is an excellent all-round wheelset for an exceptionally reasonable price. Their lightweight construction and wide profile mean these wheels are great for training and sportives, yet they are also suitable for leisurely road rides or even time trialling.

Spinning up to speed is done quickly, allowing the wheels to feel fast and effortless at high speed. Racing Quattro LG are however slightly heavier when compared with the I-Lite Pro, and this can be felt on the flattest of roads. Weight weenies may want to consider the I-Lite Pro for their extra light build.

On the Road the Quattro holds the tarmac very well, and really dominates on long climbs or long down hills. They just keep going in to your top end effort. If your looking for a wheel to use on long steady climbs, any time trial a la Steel Man, or just a fast training wheel, the Quattro holds it’s speed right until the end.

Overall, Fulcrum’s Racing Quattro LG Wheels are a versatile wheelset that works very well as a set of training wheels. They are light enough to be a great option for those who don’t want to sacrifice the performance of their wheels. From tarmac to trails, they are a very reliable and consistent wheelset with a smooth and stable ride.

The Racing Quattro LG is a great set of wheels to begin a transition into wider tyres. Their lightweight and affordable nature will allow the rider to continue training through the winter without feeling any difference between an aluminium wheelset and one with a carbon structure. For those looking to dip their toes in the water, this wheelset is perfect.

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Fulcrum Quattro Wheels Review:

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