Product Review: Fizik Antares VsX K:ium Saddle

VS X models are for riders who want a fi’zi:k saddle with a relief zone. This is a solid-base saddle with a 20mm-deep ergonomic channel spanning its entire length, set between two specifically-formulated double injections of foam. The Antares VS X Braided’s carbon braided rail reduces weight and increases saddle stiffness.

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Antares VS X Is For The Chameleon: Medium Spine.

If you have an intermediate degree of spinal flexibility (approximately 90 degrees between your straight legs and your back when bending over as far as you can, keeping your legs straight a shoulders’ width apart), you are a chameleon. Your degree of spinal flexibility helps you so far, before you need to rotate your pelvis slightly to achieve fully the performance position.

You will benefit from the increased width and slight curvature of the Antares shape.

Provided this saddle’s width isn’t too narrow for them, some women may find this model comfortable due to the presence of the relief channel.


  • Shell: Nylon Carbon Reinforced
  • Rail: K:ium
  • Channel: Silver Microtex with reflective thermo-welded film
  • Thigh glides: Black Microtex
  • Padding: Double injected foam with specific formulation
  • Integrated Clip System: Yes
  • Length: 275mm
  • Width: 142mm
  • Weight: 240g

Fizik Antares Vsx Review:


A long time ago I rode saddles with gel padding and a groove down the middle, a crack developed on its flat top where it wasn’t needed and after nearly 70,000 km. I found the crack was a good place for my wicker so in that sense, the crack was a blessing.

I rode the same saddle for many years but was always looking for a better riding position, I could never really locate the optimal position anywhere, it was always on the verge of being in the wrong place and no matter how I adjusted the seat angle bars, the upper part was always pinching me.

The Solution

I’ve tried many saddles but there is something about the shapes of Fizik’s saddles that attracted me so I contacted the company and asked, “Would it be possible to ride the Antares with a comfort groove?”

The Antares VsX is a variant of the Fizik Antares but with a longitudinal groove from end-to-end on the top of the saddle.

I liked the deep groove on Arione because: 1) The shape of the saddle is a lot better than most other Fizik saddles, it’s flatter at the back and there’s a lot more room for moving in and out, in both directions. 2) The major advantage is that it is also hollow on the other side of the saddle so, I was able to really use a length of fabric on the other side for padding my sit bones and wrapping around my aching butt.

I really liked the Arione and Arione Sport over the years but there was only one thing that was still bugging me: I needed a flat top. I needed them to absorb more of the vibrations from riding to allow me to ride further and harder. I needed to get rid of the wicker!

The Gel

The first thing you’ll notice about riding with the new groove is you have a lot more room for the pelvis to move in and out than you do with the flat top.

You’ll find that the groove on the Antares VSX is the same length as the top surface of the Arione but it’s deeper. So, the Antares seat plus the Arione’s top to bottom foam on the other side encourage your pelvis to move horizontally.

This has the net result of flattening out the ride by reducing, not so much, the vertical shock of the hull going from bump to bump, but more importantly, that dreadful transverse vibration between the seat stays, seatposts and suspension posts. The groove does what only a groove can do.

I get a lot-lot more done at home than I ever used to do. This is partly because I’m in a really good mood being out riding my bikes all day, I’m not always cranky and grumpy and in pain on my butt.

If I’m not going far, I find, it’s easier to ride up the saddle than to get off and push then get back onto the saddle. I never used to do that, there was no point as it would be more work getting back on.

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Day Rides

I’ve been doing a lot of day-rides just out of my neighborhood. I find, when I start on the bike and get moving, the muscles in my hips from the old injuries only bother me for the first 20 to 25 minutes that’s if I’m lucky.

After that, I just control it with my ankles and knees and use my buttocks to absorb the road bumps. I just avoid the nasty bumps! I usually have to stop every 20 to 30 minutes to pee. I stop to pee every 20 minutes or so anyway even if I’m not out riding the bike. I’m a lot more comfortable riding my bikes now than I was in the past.

I find I’ve been going out in the evenings because someone’s asking me out for dinner, instead of going out and getting drunk. I’m always glad I did this and that’s why I try to ride more.

Longer Rides

I rode on a charity ride, a 300km ride, last year and just found that so easy. I did that back in 1985, 20 years ago but that ride last year was a lot easier than the one 20 years ago. I did it with a lot less pain!

When I’m setting up for each a long ride these days, it is so much easier and I’m a lot more comfort. The saddle doesn’t have to be so far forward for me, the handlebars and seat are very comfortable and easy to get balanced on. If I’m getting in a hurry for a while, I can really lean on the handlebars and go fast.

I can really slam going downhill and bounce back up. You can float over the bumps I used to hit with my butt, it hits on my knee or pedal now. I can do long rides and not be sore at all.

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Written by Jahanzaib

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