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Product Review: Continental Race 28 Light Tube

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The Continental Race 28 Light Tube is made from high quality butyl and has thinner walls than the standard Continental inner tube helping to reduce the weight. With three different valve length options and weighing only 82g, this is the perfect little upgrade to shed some weight off your road bike.


  • Material: High-quality butyl
  • Threaded: 42mm and 60mm Valve
  • Un-Threaded: 80mm Valve
  • Removeable Value Core: Yes
  • Tyre Size Range: 700×20-25c

Continental Race 28 Tube Review:

The above is not the only feature that sets these tubes apart; as well as providing 28mm and is the first with a removeable core. There are less divots in the top wall, meaning your tire won’t get stuck and boring after a few days.

The inbuilt tread is the also a top-notch feature that I couldn’t resist purchasing when I saw it. The inbuilt tread is the perfect companion to the removed valve core. A nice smooth, down thrusting, symmetrical tread with no visible seams on the outside.

One thing that I was a bit disappointed with when I purchased my bike was removing of the removed valve core, but that turned out to be a very slight issue as the core did still tear but not as bad as others. The size of the race tube is also very eye catching; which I love. I personally think this is the star of the show but can be an issue if you want to change your rear wheel often. This tube is 115mm wide; which will allow for a 3.70 inner tube but make sure to check the width of the tube before you purchase.

The pedal attachment point is a very good feature as I love a well set up, all in the pedal drop is essential. This will allow your pedal to be more comfortable that the floor of your bike but with your shifters.

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Continental Race 28 Light Tube Review:


In single word I can sum it up with one word; it is industry standard and will give you that top quality ride. It exudes sport and endurance especially if you are a casual enduro rider. When I had the chance to ride the bike, I put the front wheel on the cyclocross-side; since I am right-handed. The bike is very stable on the road travel like this but I do recommend putting the bike on the leanest side of the bike. This will allow more of your weight to be transmitted along the tapered front wheel and allow a smoother smooth ride. This is my main reason for purchasing the race tube with the removed core which I hope will be useful in the future for me.


Continental race tube has been designed to offer a top-notch ride for a very long time but this is not the only thing it has to offer; as features the removed core have been innovated on. The top wall is thinner as opposed to the standard inner tube but still provides a complete bike experience. The reinforced handlebar clamp will also not slide. This is meant to be a standard on the race tube. You can see the length coded for your tire in the image below.

The bicycle frame does not need to be flat or even to get this tube fitted with most tire sizes. However, if the bike frame is deemed to be uneven, I recommend having the the bike frame tested before you purchase the tube. I have seen this happening on some frames after setting up the bike. The tube comes with the promise the it will not do anything to affect the frame.

The removed valve core or core tube allows you to use a wide range of inner tubes as long as it fits your bike size. Disc brakes work best as well as the Shimano rear derailleur. If you get a Shimano and a wider rim, you can easily swap them out.


Continental has added some other features on the race tube to change the riding experience. By removing the inner tube the standard Shimano derailleur clutch can be removed from the shifder. You can replace the cable that goes with your derailleur too. This is a must have for many riders.

Other features are a red loop, tyre hanger, and inbuilt hoseиå.

Depending on the size of the tube and your preference; this can be quite useful on a tubeless tear.

Removable race tube

A well set, centrally placed and matched belt has no extensions to the front wheel. This will allow the bike to have a more aggressive ergonomic riding position.

Riding position is quite wide with your shoulders resting comfortably in the side of the seat.

A click-and-release cable and pulley system allows you to get all easy to release tightening and loosening from the very comfortable seat and the road goers around you.

Best option for tubeless constructions

If you live in a dry country without any type of wet-weather cycling conditions, the Continental Race 28 Light Tube is ideal for you.

However, it does require an inflation system to mount the tube on your bike. This is a little difficult but still doable if you know what you are doing. I highly recommend buying the Continental Race 28 Light Tube once your ready to ride and getting quick inflated so you can finish your ride quite comfortably.


The race tube will not have any effect on your bike performance but you must be ready to deal with a little bit more solidness in your riding position. These tubes will also assist in your tyre life by decreasing the amount of the tyre sidewalls.

The tube also have fantastic features that do not affect the performance of the tire or how you ride. A standard inner tube will never be as good as a tubeless and without installation, it can be a good option for you to use. These tubes are easier to get value lunch than standard during the off season and will last much longer than most IIRC.

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Written by Mark Adams

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