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Product Review: Campagnolo Shamal Mille C17 Road Clincher Wheelset

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Campagnolo’s Shamal Mille C17 Road Clincher Wheelset represents the premium standard in performance aluminium racing wheels. The chic surface treatment that gives this wheelset its smooth and smart dark look also represents a major performance improvement. This treatment allows sure-footed and sturdy braking power over and above normal aluminium rims, regardless of weather conditions.

Enhanced Performance

The C17 rim ensures a better rim/tyre connection and an enhanced performance, especially when using 25mm and 28mm tyres. This stylish wheelset gets an upgrade by way of black anodised nipples to complete its minimalist dark look. The Shamal Mille™ is certain to have heads turning by both the competition on race day and those beside you at traffic lights.


  • Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation: It offers an elegant finish and enhances braking power and modularity
  • Toroidal Milling Spiral Groove on the Braking Track: Reduces braking distance while maintaining silent braking
  • Differentiated Rim Height: Front (24mm – 27 mm) and rear (27mm – 30 mm)
  • Dynamic Balance™

Campagnolo Shamal Mille Wheelset Review:

Upon first unboxing the wheelset, I was extremely impressed with the design as well as the care that was taken with the packaging of the product. I have to admit that the shipping boxes were very crush-resistant, effectively safe-guarding the wheelsets from damage.

When I pulled the wheelset out of the shipping box, this statement became even more true. The wheelsets were in what I would call “make sure this wheelset isn’t damaged” packaging. The high-density foam around the rims made it difficult for the wheelset to be damaged, yet the wheelset was also easily removed thanks to slick packaging and its relatively light-weight.

As I unpacked the first wheelset, I was also immediately impressed by the way that Campagnolo had packaged the components as well as the individual wheelset. In each box that contained a single wheelset, the wheelset was protected by two layers of dense foam, one layer on the top as well as one layer on the bottom. This was a great feature to ensure that the wheel spent the minimal amount of time on the ground to reduce scuffing on hard surfaces. The individual boxes were sturdy and did a great job of protecting the wheel.

As I unpacked the entire contents of the box, I opened the box containing the front wheel and immediately noticed how sturdy the front wheel was. The wheel was protected by the foam in a few different ways, covering the entire wheel as well as the hub. With this packaging, any hard hit to the box is less likely to damage the wheel. I also noticed the reinforced hub, adding more protection in the event of a crush or impact to the wheel.

The box that contained the individual wheelsets contained each individual wheelset in a plastic tray, well protected. The front wheelset was high-centred in the tray and protected by foam. The rear wheel was also protected by foam, making sure that the wheel was protected on all sides and corners.

Included in the individual wheelsets were the valve adapters as well a certificate of authenticity. The valve adapters were extremely easy to install and simply screw in to the valve stem.

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Campagnolo Shamal Clincher Wheelset Review:

As I mounted the wheelset to my bike, I immediately noticed the general aesthetics of the wheelset. The wheelset is beautiful, yet not flashy, and in its simplicity is beautiful. It’s not overly flashy but is also far from bland. The black anodizing is smooth, the logos are classy and not gaudy. The wheelset is stunning and makes my bike look beautiful. The wheel was extremely easy to install and the wheel also was easy to true.

The first ride of the wheelset was a delicious, smooth and lively wheel, the 17C17 rim wasn’t harsh, but it was firm, giving me the confidence in the aerodynamics and stability of the wheel. The wheel was stable in cross winds, especially being clincher wheels, and also exceptionally aero, given how wheel is shaped. The wheel was stiff and the hub was silent, even when the wheels were cold.

The ride was extremely solid and firm, with the 23mm wide inner rim, the wheel had a great and wide contact patch, making the ride confidence inspiring and extremely solid. The wheel also responded extremely well to rider input, as it was a wheel that I felt could go anywhere I pointed it. The wheel was solid, yet not harsh and did a great job of transmitting power to the ground.

The ride of the wheelset made the bike feel extremely grabby and responsive. The feeling of the bike on the wheelset was a favourable one. The wheelset was firm, yet not harsh. It was solid yet responsive and lively. The ride quality of the wheelset was firm but lively, extremely supportive and responsive.

After I had ridden the wheelset on windy roads, during a storm and on dry days only, I was impressed with the overall durability of the wheelset. The wheelset was smooth and consistent, regardless of the weather conditions. The rim wasn’t causing any friction and the ride never became harsh, making for a crisp and smooth ride. The wheelset is a little less durable than the Forza, in terms of sheer weight. The Forza wheelset is heavier, but it has an aluminum braking track, whereas the Shamal center section is thinner and pliable, increasing the aero characteristics of the Shamal. 

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Written by Mark Adams

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