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Product Review: Campagnolo Scirocco C17 Road Wheelset

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The Campagnolo Scirocco C17 Road Wheelset is designed with a focus on road racing. Featuring an 17mm internal rim width, this wheelset rides more efficiently and with greater aerodynamics on 25 and 28mm tyres.

Performance and Efficiency

The Scirocco C17 is a high performing wheelset, which provides high-end performance at a more accessible price point; making it an exceptional option for riders seeking the performance, quality construction and exceptional efficiency of Campagnolo wheels.

Drag Reduction & Cross Wing Stability

Featuring a 35mm rim profile, this wheelset offers versatile aerodynamics, which benefits rider efficiency and performance output. This excellent rim profile reduces drag moving forward while remaining stable in cross wind situations.


  • Material: Hub, Rim: Aluminium; Freehub: Steel
  • Rim Height: 35mm
  • Rim Internal Width: 17mm
  • Spoke Count: Front: 16; Rear: 21

Campagnolo Scirocco Wheelset Review:

I’ve just purchased these rims after seeing them at the North Carolina ProTour stop in Greenville on the bikes of Pete Cougar, Ian Boswell and Robin Carpenter. I was impressed by how well they road at that stage, so I contacted local bike store, Blue Bicycle for a set. I’ve used them briefly, and really like them. I am currently using a Campagnolo Record Carbon wheelset with Vittoria Corsa CX tubulars but wanted to make a change to tubeless. This is a better wheelset for racing and cross in my opinion. I lost two watts on the rollers when I switched to them from the Record Carbon wheelset on the same day. I also find holding a high line easier with the shallower wheelset, and for some reason find it also easier to climb on the C17. I’ve also ridden these on my aero bike and like them there too, going down in wheelset weight doesn’t seem to hurt my speed.

The wheels are well equipped with the Tangaroa brake track. Campagnolo is one of the leading brands for braking systems and it shows. The freehub is a treat; no clicking and you can hear the freehub at work making you believe it’s working harder than it is.

The hubs are great and pretty stiff. The rear hub rollers really smoothly, even when out of the saddle climbing, and the over the shoulder power transfer is great. The front hub is very smooth at lower speeds, and doesn’t feel like it’s a budget hub on the bike. The weight of the front hub is over 1400 grams which is quite substantial for a front hub for a race blade, but isn’t surprising with the quick release.

The wheels are super aero on a 25mm tire with a 25mm cyclocross tubular laid over the top of a 28mm tubeless tire. Don’t take my word for it, but check out the aerodynamic comparison here. They are light and fast. I will say that I have been impressed with this wheelset’s ability to hold speed on the flats. I have noticed less effort going at speed and while climbing at a high rate of speed. This is likely an offshoot of the aerodynamics, which inspires confidence when climbing at a high rate of speed and also when descending.

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Campagnolo Scirocco Wheelset Review:

I think the wheelset is a good value, especially when you consider their performance. They can be had for not too much more than Zipps and aren’t all that far behind in terms of performance. They are a bit heavier, but the weight savings are made up in components or tires saved on the rest of the bike. They are a good aero wheelset, but not as aero as a 32 or 35mm rim with tires, but that isn’t a bad thing because using 29mm and wider rims makes them even faster and more comfortable to ride at a deep aero angle.

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Written by Mark Adams

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