Extreme Gifts to Buy for Father’s Day

Dads have a lot on their plates all the time, but stress levels are especially high right now with prolonged social distancing and working from home. Fortunately, outdoor activities and fresh air are still available outlets, with more choices as summer comes into view. One of these extreme gifts to buy for Father’s Day should give your Dad an excuse to get out there and shake off some stress.

New Canoe or Kayak

A peaceful paddle or a river run are still options while observing social distancing. If your Dad’s water ride is a dinged up, dented mess, maybe it is time for a new floating friend. Canoes are great for twos, or even threes with a duffer in the middle, so Dad can take a teen and a tween along. Don’t forget a fresh supply of personal floatation devices and paddles.

Lightweight Portable Hammock

Sometimes, all Dad wants is a great nap. There’s nothing like the peace of a snooze in a gently swaying hammock. Lightweight versions can pack up in a hurry for a hike to a father’s favorite outdoor refuge, whether it is right in the backyard or his own secret campsite down an uncrowded trail.

Essential Mountain Bike Gear

Fathers who fuss over their mountain bikes will appreciate an updated set of essential gear. With options that include tools, under-seat bags, racks, work stands, shoes, and pedals, performance-oriented fathers can enjoy new accessories and updates to maintain their bikes. If your Dad is devoted to other outdoor sports but has never tried mountain bike riding, review some tips for buying your first mountain bike and then pool the family resources to buy him a ride. Be prepared for a wait, though, because demand is off the charts as people seek new, socially distanced outdoor outlets.

Luxury Grill Set

The manly art of barbecue qualifies as an outdoor activity for most Dads. Up your father’s grill game with an extreme set of tools. Some even come in their own case—tongs, spatulas, basting brushes, kebob skewers, and even corn on the cob holders now come in gleaming matched sets. Your Dad gets close to the heat for you, so equip him with the best griller’s implements. Maybe he’ll take the hint, and you’ll have burgers, chicken, or ribs for dinner on Father’s Day.

Extreme gifts for Father’s Day 2020 could also include advanced sanitizing gear—tools that sanitize phones or water bottles with UV light. And what could be more extreme than a subscription to artisan hot sauces or jerky made from wild boar or ostrich meat? Dads will always find new ways to challenge themselves. Show him you love him for it on Father’s Day.

Written by Kevin O'Neill

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